Starting New Servers For 1.19

Sir most of the premuim servers are running in 1.19 , but we are still in 1.17.1 Update that released when 1.18.1 came. So pls use SurvivalPlus as 1.19 server , creative , opskyblock should be,RPG should be even Factions should get update to 1.19 we are still in op survival which is dead no rescources Nothing at all From now in when 1.19 come No kits No PvP no Shop then we will get good experience or the rank players Get Good kits and all but normal players who cant buy ranks & wasting money for a game also want those , then there is no intresting if we got like that without hardwork so bring back survivalplus in 1.19 Before it used in 1.16 it does'nt have shop & nothin g no kits at all keep like that Now in 1.19 pls tell release date of 1.19
Thank you

#9489 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by MarsAlien_2092 for GameModes