Reject all ban appeals

i think you should just reject all ban appeal and if a banned person wanted to get unbanned just accept it once forever and you can only accept when their account was registered over 1/2 years
all the rule breakers are easily getting unbanned day by day for the 4th/10th time and thats why all legit players were quitted ec
If you want to accept this suggestion ban all players that they were about to get unbanned it's unfair
and it's a shame that this issue is not part of your server yet because extremecraft is literally become to a heavenly game for the rule breakers

#9396 - Status: rejected

6 days ago by T_Rex_Boi_1 for Improvements

Answer: Rejected

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! Unfortunately for one or more reasons we have to reject your submission but please feel free to post another one!

6 days ago by MathNerd272