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Category: GLOBAL
Subject: EC Become Trash !
Additional information:
Server is dying, you all suck.
*Votes*: +20
Suggestions Mods (Reply): "We are Sorrrry !!! But your suggestion is missing details/information But pleaasse have feel free To post another one !!:DD"
*After some days/months..* *Steve makes another suggestion*
Category: GLOBAL
Subject: Extremecraft issues...
Additional information:
My Message to Dieu with respects.
Extremecraft was a good server.
But its dying because ec staffs are prett sucks. They just help who breaking rules but they are pay2win and they don't ban them.
And the server resets/updates are just without creatively and planning.
I just want to say this server system is just a joke.
*votes* +100
NxDs: *Deletes Suggestion*

#8755 - Status: rejected

1 week ago by SweetXKing for Improvements

Answer: Rejected

Invalid suggestion / inappropriate suggestion / missing information. Please submit new suggestion with all required information if this is still an issue.

1 week ago by GuitarPro