hello Can I ask you to send an admin or someone can fix this things At sky wars
Item of spectate (Eye Of ender) not exist
Players Can not talk at public chat
Why I Can not use members Kits it shows to me
Farmer-No Permission- Rank: Member or higher

Also Can you remove that idea from your head that let everyone have kits man I think Pay2Win is better than that even it was rare to get Extreme guy to sky wars sky wars but now all can use Extreme guy kits even (Minigun) that kit is killing fun man it is bad when all players have it the kit is (Diamond set+32 snow balls+32 Bread+32 Arrows+Crafting Table+Bow) Why this kit is killing fun That bow Is an enchanted bow With Punch III It it is very bad idea to let every member have that kit it is just like 3 seconds and you die because someone shoot With that bow Removing it not the solve I do not say remove it I am saying let less people use it like past none use it Just Extreme At NerfMyFlame Suggestion #8220 Was saying
remove kit from skywars, its p2w (atleast a free kit for all rank)
(atleast a free kit for all rank) sorry bro but that is really stupid idea and it is worst more than p2w
I do not mean that your opinion is so idiot at least you tried to help and all know that they are annoying but solving it not like that able to all members use kits Maybe Solve it by Back Kit to his user Like Member use member kits Nexus Use nexus kits With Changing Prices like op kits Like minigun should be higher than 350$ Like 1250$ So They can not use it all games
And Remove /Pay command It already removed But Can you do not add it
Let everyone use his kits back
Same With voting for Jump boost Just +Member
There is no problem to let members Vote for time I do not know why you let +Member vote for time
Back The normal points to members +10 for win +2 for kill and back the double for ranked people There is no problem when ranked people take the double points while there is members playing all day
Let people take Damage When they fall from high place I do not know why I do not take damage same with other Do not take damage too

Also Add /sethome command at spawn :D
And Sky wars teams :D

#8708 - Status: open

1 week ago by Hated_ for Improvements