PVP Improvements

Enderpearls needs cooldown because of them spamming getting out of the situation fast which is annoying because you'll waste time on ur pvp session
Bows also needs cooldown but this only goes to the Iron and Diamond fights since Iron are very prone to bow attacks that cause 1 - 1.5 hearts per shot

ok the current map are laggy as h**l and it can drop alot of fps for low set gamers the main reason is because it has many glass on the floor which causes a big lag when looked into so i recommend getting a new builder to build a pvp lobby that looks like an arena

Better Security:
Come on mods your pvp security has gotta be the worst security plugin cause it can only be detected on long range attacking
They should do 2hour temp ban on each security detect or less if u wanted to

PvP Bot Training:
Its been like 2-3 years i rarely see someone post about a pvp bot feature on pvp come on man atleast add a pvpbot for our training instead of just waiting for a match there

Im tired of going have to move my mouse to the exact spot of the sword just to play a duo why can't we have a smaller category

Newer Gamemodes:
Spleef and Knockout thingy why arent they added yet arent they a part of the pvp things

Some weird ideas u can ignore:
Ive having the same attack but i get knockback more than my opponent like what the h**l is this kind of thing

Also why do my opponent are getting better damage than me i have like the same attacking but they get more damage

Also why are there longer names cant 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 be atleast
Single Duo Trio instead?

If u hate this suggestion i dont care atleast i tried suggesting some ideas

#8690 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by Nikhazel for Improvements