OldCombatMechanics Plugin (Or similar)

This is basically a plugin that makes all versions above 1.8.9 have the same PVP as 1.8.9:
It just means you can disable hit cooldown for version 1.9 AND above, this also has 1.17 version support which may be useful for upcoming version updates
The features of this plugin are:
Master & per-world toggle for each module
All modules fully customisable
Remove weapon cooldown
Setting tool damage as in pre-1.9
Make players regenerate like in pre-1.9 & with correct exhaustion
Give players a shield while they right click with a sword
Have armour be as strong as in pre-1.9
Have configurable old potion durations
Have configurable old potion effects (strength & weakness)
Disable sword sweep attack
Option to disable shield crafting
Disable off-hand (with white/blacklist)
Make shields block 1/2 a heart instead of reduce damage to 33%
Configurable general & projectile damage reduction for shields
Have arrows not be stopped by shields
Re-add snowball, egg & enderpearl knockback
Disable player collisions
Enchanted golden apple crafting
Customisable enchanted & golden apple potion effects
Fishing rods knockback and damage like in pre-1.9 (customisable)
Automatically add blaze powder to brewing stands
Automatically add lapis in enchanting tables
Stop usage of elytra
Disable random projectile trajectories
Disable bow boosting
Configure Chorus Fruit properties
Old armour durability mechanics
Old burn delay when entering fire
Configurable gapple & enderpearl cooldown with messages
Disable new attack sounds
Change invulnerability time in-between attack hits for both players & mobs
Make fishing rods go as far as they did in 1.8
Replicate 1.8 entity knockback
Replicate and configure 1.8 critical hits

#8688 - Status: open

8 months ago by FlameyosFlow for General