Improvements for pvp v2

So I suggested Improvements for PVP a while ago but there are a lot of things you should add that wasn't on my last list

Elo system -

So the elo system is pretty bad because it takes a while to get elo when you hit 1.6k since you only get 2 elo from people with 1.4k elo to 1599 elo, and most of the players have that range of elo in all of the game modes so you should add an elo system that gives 10 instead of 2 and you should reset elo every 4 months so that other players have a chance for the leaderboards

New maps -

We need some new maps and improvements to the old maps

New duel game modes -

The easiest to implement would be - Uhc, Combo, Sumo, and Stick fight. But some others you could implement are - Boxing, Final UHC, Classic, and OP duels.

Combat tag in FFA -

FFA needs a combat tag so people can't /leave when they are in the middle of a battle, and the combat tag should last 15 seconds. If a player disconnects while they are still in combat they would be prevented from doing FFA for 5-10 minutes

A use for money -

There should be another use for money other than buying other game modes like cosmetics - Victory dances, kill effects, Projectile trail, and Particles or a Trail that are only specific to PvP.

Voting points (Good for the whole server) -

I know this isn't really PvP related but you should add Voting Points. Voting Points are points you would get for voting for the server. With Voting Points, you should be able to buy cosmetics like Titles and Ranks. Also, you should be able to buy money for all the servers that have a money system (Those cosmetics I was talking about in 'A use for money' would be able to be bought if u bought PVP money with Voting Points.) It would also encourage players to vote for the server.

#8512 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by SithV2 for Improvements