Gen split / better team upgrades / fireballs

Hey! So I've been thinking about making this suggestion for some time...

First of all, I'd really love to add a generator split bc people will get more resources and most of us get mad when our teammate steals iron or gold when we want also at the beginning of the game we can rush faster, for example, you get a bunch of blocks and start rushing, then, you misplace a block and fall. Your teammate can come quickly to continue rushing while you're respawning!

So, second, I'd like to add more team upgrades as not many people use them that much anymore... Sword sharpness and Armor Protection are all the new team upgrades I ask for.

Third and last, remove explosive snowballs cuz almost nobody uses them and they are useless now, plus I think people would use fireballs more than explosive snowballs.

So, as you see I'm asking you to change some features and add some good that Hypixel and more servers have!

Bye everyone and I hope this suggestion gets accepted :D

#8132 - Status: open

4 months ago by iiAngelCat for GameModes