Max cannon claims: 10x10 (including buffer).
No raiding with counter cannons.

= worst rules ever! hahah

Let me explain:

1) Most cannons are aprox 3x2 claims large, means you can only add 3,5 chunk deffence for your cannon on both sides. Every1 knows 3,5 chunks deffence for your cannon is retarded low taking in count you need 2 hours to make cannon, protection for it is just silly. Make no limit for cannon protection, otherwise all cannons will get raided under 5 minutes and no way to protect them properly.

2) Okay so. If I make my second base next to enemy base (10 chunks between), lets say 3x3 claims and I DONT MAKE CANNON INSIDE. Enemy cannot use their premade counter cannon to breach inside! What if I want to make cactus farm there, and they raid it, what will be punishent? - Asking for my friend.

Rules are just so retarded Im laughing at loud! Insted of dealing with biggest issue and that is to help force raid happend, you making rules that makes 0 sence. Go to hell EC!

#7679 - Status: open

4 days ago by KlausR for Improvements