SurvivalPlus Suggestions

- Vote Key crates have Spawners only. I would suggest to add Original Weapons to Crates as well. Having only spawners is kinda wierd lol. Weapons are hard to make so, Would be nice If y'all add them (But with alot of Rarity)
- Add the claim size, In other Survival gamemode (1.8) We can see the size of our claim when the Owner of the claim right clicks with a Stick. But in SurvivalPlus we dont have that. Would Suggest to add that as well.
- Add QuestMaster
- Add Rank Kits too, But I think y'all are still making it or not add it at all :(
That's it for now, Thanks

#7675 - Status: open

4 days ago by yohazzAF for GameModes