Add OP Prison

There are already a Prison on this server, but it's not OP, we already have OP Faction, OP Skyblock and OP Survival, why not add OP Prison too?
On the OP Prison, it will be similar than Prison, the difference are
- We start with a unbreakable E10 U10 diamond pickaxe instead a wooden pickaxe (we can break instantly a block in a mine)
- There will have multiplier
- Luckyblock are visible in mine (end stone blocks) (0.01% to 0.1%)
- Autominer
- Prestiges
- Easier rankup
- Tokens for upgrade pickaxe
- Custom enchants : Explosion, Token Greed, Key Finder, Jack Hammer and more
- Free autosell
- More OP features

#7365 - Status: closed

2 weeks ago by Cricri6820 for GameModes

Answer: Closed

Another suggestion of the same kind is already shortlisted.

1 week ago by owoboo