Vote Crates on SurvivalPlus

I think it's a big really big mistake making the crates only spawners because you know spawners can lag it right? Well yes of course it will because so many mobs...yea yea I know there's mobs that stack but except for the villager or rabbits, they spawn every time and on the first time playing that server i would say "Wow this is good" and now I would say "It's chaotic" because every time I join the server the spawners of villagers on our base is just many and making me lag to 1 fps, it's a nightmare huh? I would suggest to reset survival plus? Or just replace spawners with money because money there is useless and it is better to reset it and replace spawners with money so that we can stop the lag or somewhat, many people will lag if this spawner crates or vote will not gonna replace with money because spawners lag so much and it will crash the server.Welp that's it because that's what I wanted to suggest.I hope you understand this problem because I'm lagging on SurvivalPlus and hope to fix this feature.

#6772 - Status: open

1 month ago by CreeperDj26 for Improvements