Need More

Love that yous guys finally took a chance on the 1.16.1. But really wish we had economy and/or the /ah command back. The trading method can be tedious and slow where as with auction you always have the option to view items for sale asap. And if at all possible maybe a limited /shop option to purchase items that are impossible to retrieve like a Creepers heads for banners or God apples which are impossible to find and/or create. I know this is an impossibility but that money generator was a big hit in testing....hint hint. lol. Any how, keep up the good work EC. Looking forward to new and surprising plugins in the new 1.16.1.version.


#6527 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Pauly for Commands

Answer: Rejected

Rejected. SurvivalPlus is still being tested and there would be no point to spend the time and effort updating plugins with the risk of the test failing, if it's decided that the server updates to 1.16.x plugins will be updated

2 years ago by dmcplayer