No more economy updates.

Dear, ExtremeCraft

Hello my IGN is AbruptWord7619 I am a recently banned player on survival plus but a suggestion I am asking for is no more updates to the servers economy the server seems just fine and if you were to add a shop then it would go into shambles and no more be survival plus but more like OPSurvival as op survival has people with billions of dollars from selling things and the same thing would happen if you let people have a shop and overpowered spawners, and basically everyone would hate it because it would be even less of an SMP more of a ripoff of op survival, making it so less players are attracted to it and are more attracted to other servers who have survivals that are familiar to a normal SMP.

Sincerely Your Friend, AbruptWord7619

#6526 - Status: rejected

1 month ago by ThicBaconSaucey for GameModes

Answer: Rejected


4 weeks ago by dmcplayer