BedWars Update + Reset

bedwars reset is upcoming, i would like to make a suggestion about an update. So there should be some private games in bedwars,
this doesnt affect stats like KDR and Deaths. Cmds: /bw match create, /bw match modify, /bw match leave /bw match start /bw match invite.
So this match thingy is like for 1v1s, Mini events hosted by people. Starting with /bw match create it creates a bw match.
/bw match modfiy is kinda complicated but you can edit the effects, map, players. /bw match start, starts the match immediately even if theres
not enough players. /bw match invite, invites certain players. Joining a /bw match doesnt affect if your party leader (if enabled party join) joins a match.

#6411 - Status: open

10 months ago by nullscoped for GameModes