I Think You Could Make A UHC Server... It Would Be Fun If The Server I Had been Playing On For Years Finally Started Hosting UHCs Or Made A New UHC Server... I Hope This Won't Get Rejected... Because UHC is quite In The HOT section for quite awhile now...So I Thought That Adding In A UHC Server Might Bring Players... And... OH! Make The Diamonds Much More Easier To Find... Because Normal UHCs Only Have a Timeline of 20 Minutes... So Making The Diamonds Easier To Find Is Neccessary ... And You Could Host Events In UHC Too! Like.. Randomizer, Ranked UHC And MoRE! It Would Be Fun If You Really Added UHC Into The Server I Know I Am Asking For Too Much.... But Please Take This Seriously And Think About It...


#5850 - Status: closed

2 weeks ago by Awsomegirl123 for GameModes

Answer: Closed

Another suggestion of the same kind is already shortlisted.

2 weeks ago by SlimeDce