Extra gen buckets

It's come to my attention that there are other blocks that have higher durability than obsidian, according to /od durabilities. I thought that it might be nice to allow gold block/diamond block gen buckets so we could make our walls have higher durabilities rather than just using plain old obsidian. Plus, I think gold/diamond block walls would look cool and it takes the hassle out of actually building these walls by hand. How would this work? Well, I think what should be done is this: Allow a bucket that lets you deposit blocks into it, you can do this by dragging a stack of <whatever block> onto the bucket and it adds it to the bucket. That way players would still be required to buy the blocks from shop and then deposit it into the bucket. When a player uses a horizontal bucket, it takes 32 of <the blocks> out of the bucket's inventory. When a player uses a vertical bucket, it takes 256 of <the blocks> out of the bucket's inventory likewise. Not sure if this is possible, but I think it'd be a good improvement to the gen bucket system by adding this feature so we can use other blocks to build our walls out of, rather than just plain obby or cobble.

#5509 - Status: rejected

6 months ago by Bulkseller for Improvements

Answer: Rejected


2 months ago by LandyDce