A command to place a block under you

For exemple your in the water or in the lava and you wish to build something or just take a rest because why not but water idea is better or for some server where there is a fly command and you want to build something you have to make a pillar to be able to build up then you need to destroy it after

what i suggest is a command for a rank can be from Donor to nexus depend what staff want to make with that, so the command place a block under your foot and let you build from it you. For exemple a block of glass and it could have a couldown for no abuse for exemple 5 min or the block can stay 30 sec before disapear

sorry if its not clear but i think its a good idea and it can save a lot of time and life thank you

#4675 - Status: open

1 week ago by LuzogYT for Commands