there should be a little bit more fun into opskyblock

i think that OpSkyblock should have minions they help you mine and stuff and then if you do then you can add a minion shop its like pets but you can see them move and do the work and also pets do not wood cut they just drop stuff when you give the pet right food but minions you do have to feed but you can get them to link chests so on chest is a food chest and you linked your minion to it now you do not need to feed it when its doing its job and you can also link it to a other chest and thats your loot chest that your minion did for you and maybe you can may them level up then higher the level the faster they go doing there job like maybe one minion is a farmer and a other is a woodcutter and you need like a island level to get your first minion like maybe add the minions to also auto sell for you if you make a bad chest and put stuff that you do not want and the minions have a wooden tool at start and you have to pay game money to level them up. please put a thumps up if you like it and you want it to be added to OpSkyblock i do so maybe you do. and you think of a idea thats part of this idea add it then.

#4484 - Status: open

7 months ago by imTheRealSummer for GameModes