Better Anti-Cheat

Hey I'm xTapL and I would just like to say that the Portal Gun Gadget in the lobby is bad. Every time I go through one of the portals the server kicks me and says that I'm kicked for hacks. Please could you fix this bug as I like using gadgets but I don't want to be kicked.

Thanks! :)

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1 year ago by MaximumGaming for Lobby


Suggestion for thought

Greetings Everyone,
Its been so long since I have made a post about things
I am recently studying other servers miscellaneous things and I have come to a conclusion on how to improve the standards of this server.
Just a suggestion so hopefully there would be no obnoxious comments
1.When a player spawns in /hub, I might cling to the idea of a firework being projected on the spa.. See more

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