Printer plugin to Factions / OPFactions

Hello , thats my 2nd suggestion about printer so please look into it and thanks

Printer should be added to ec , JUST make no cactus , sand , string and chests and spawners etc can't be placed in printer mode because that would make people printing cactus and destroying economy just make only cannon parts that can be printed maybe ?

Printer mode will be enter you in creative mode where.. See more

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6 months ago by LegittLimor for Opfactions



Please remove Outpost / End Crystal from opfac, It's been a not so good feature for us (players). I think it's way too OP.

Thank You
-x0x_Devil_x0x !

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6 months ago by x0x_Devil_x0x for Opfactions


Outposts are OP

Currently 1 outpost gives the same amount of points as 33igs give in 7days. This is just retarded. Make spawners better or outposts worse (less points/2aday rather than 8).

Currently anybody could get 400k points a day from these outposts making it have the ability to get a fac to f top 2 in a single day.

Its fucking stupid mate fix it pls

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6 months ago by mammothmax for Opfactions


Outpost for factions and opfactions

I think it would be more fun and competitive if we could have an outpost.You guys know what im talking about so I guess I dont need to explain.Please add :D

#8440 - Status: open

7 months ago by NeRoLeo for Opfactions


Unfair Kit

I would like to recommend to you guys to make a thing like KOTHS that u can cap for like 10 to 15 mins to win it but for points,If u did not get that here..So I noticed that the only way u can get mushroom eggs is from Kit Spawneggs (Not just mushroom eggs) thats just not fair for those who cant afford to buy spawneggkits.Thats why im here to suggest you guys should add a same thing like koth t.. See more

#8434 - Status: open

7 months ago by CompALT for Opfactions


Pearls more effective on Warzone/wz Claims

Warzone in opfactions has been getting very boring, Since most factions have tons of Wz claims and there is 0 Point of Pvping when they could just run to theyre Traps and hide.

Make pearls Efficient like in 'Nodebuff' on /go pvp, But Efficient pearls are ONLY enabled when 4 chunks outside of Wz, and disabled at 5 chunks so Bases cant be glitchable, Only on Wz traps.

Anyone could ju.. See more

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7 months ago by GetSpiders for Opfactions


Mob Masks

Mob masks are masks that can be used by right-clicking them. And each should have a perk for each mask, IG masks (Iron Golem) Should give resistance 2 when used and a 3 minute cooldown, Wither masks should give the wither effect for people that are near you when used and it should have a 4 minute cooldown, Wolf masks should spawn an amount of wolfs that attacks the player that it has been used o.. See more

#8242 - Status: open

8 months ago by CATBOYEFFACE for Opfactions


KOTH Events

Recently we have seen a rise of players in op factions from 20 players to 60 players to make them stay at op factions for more time I would like to add some special items like KOTH Starters which can be found in the OPCrate ( Because OP Crate kinda bad ) or add automatically starter koths that start KOTH every 90mins . Thanks and 👆 vote for making Op factions alive again ..

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9 months ago by EthicalNuke for Opfactions


F top info

Remove blocks as factions wealth. They are hard to raid/break so at the end of seaason you might not have 1 spawner but a bunch of blocks and still win f top spots. F wealth should only be spawners and cactus (the money making sources).

#7908 - Status: open

10 months ago by KlausR for Opfactions



Remove Curse 3 CE

How I fight i cant see.

#7774 - Status: open

10 months ago by BARRACCKS for Opfactions


Change the boring Meta

For several seasons now I had to see this disgusting meta in pvp everyone uses. Knockback 10 and Punch 10 everything over the usual limit 2 should be removed to give a change after all this time. Fights are not enjoyable anymore. The same goes to envoys, we spend 5 minutes abusing knockback and punch to grab that loot its just not fun at all. My point here is remove anything higher then 2 of pun.. See more

#7721 - Status: accepted - See reply

10 months ago by TaintedMage for Opfactions



Shields would prevent factions from raiding/being raided for a certain amount of time.
Shields would last for 6hours and have a 24hr cooldown.
During the time you have a shield active you cannot be raided/ raid other people(This includes countering cannon boxes).
You could also cancel the shield at anytime.
Also shielding while being raided wouldnt be allowed(an easy fix would be adding a .. See more

#7664 - Status: open

11 months ago by Sandal06 for Opfactions


Raid timer

Raid timers get activated whenever a faction shoots(tnt) at a claim. What this does is make the faction who is being attempted unable to silk/gen. And also makes other factions unable to shoot at the faction being attempted. A raid timer would stop 15mins after the last shot and it would not alert the faction you are shooting at that they are being attempted.

If shields get added the raid tim.. See more

#7662 - Status: open

11 months ago by Sandal06 for Opfactions


OpFactions blocks

Dear staff members

I have a question about why you make opfactions more and more pay to win furst you make block points half okay decent cause blocks were kinda to good for there price but really make them not buyable in the shop?? yesterday i bought 1dub of emerald blocks but how you going to EVER GET 1DUB of emerald blocks?? it will be hard to get only a few stacks of emerald blocks. Also i.. See more

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11 months ago by WillieWalvis for Opfactions


Armor Durability

Armor on OpFactions takes ages to break, please make it break faster, fights are boring.

#7609 - Status: rejected - See reply

11 months ago by powep for Opfactions


Change the spawning Pattern of Friendly mobs

I would like to change the spawning locations of spawners like cows , horses , mooshrooms . The whole community of factions want them to spawn at grass blocks instead of spawning at any blocks like obsidian or in water . I had placed spawners at Y200 and the spawned at Y60 or a block that is way below . So I want it to be changed back to Grass blocks. Thanks

#7605 - Status: accepted - See reply

11 months ago by EthicalNuke for Opfactions


gms spec

/roam = spectate on gms but cant go through walls.

#7318 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by GetSpiders for Opfactions


Add the ability to print cannons

Adding the ability to print cannons would make it easier and more motivating to raid people, i was thinking about it for a bit and the only people who raid are factions who have a high online/offline rate, if you could print cannons it would make it 10x easier for a solo person to raid a faction.

Also, only adding it to OPFactions would make sense because its OPFactions.


#7259 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by Xzidental for Opfactions



Special Envoy randomly every 3days of span. Sometimes we wait 1 1/2 week for special ENVOYS. Idek why I'm making this while banned but still I nolife EC and think about it everyday 😍🥰😘

#7125 - Status: open

1 year ago by AdvaitGoel for Opfactions



Add pearl glitching so Rushers have advantage over trappers. :D
Make this = ILY :3 <3

#7035 - Status: open

1 year ago by GetSpiders for Opfactions


Ally And Truces + Commands Fix

I think we should limit truces and allies. Many teams are just trucing and allying everyone and enemy 1 person and everyone targets them which makes this server dead. Since some of the people in opfactions are braindead I believe we should readd a limit to truces and allies. 1ally and 2 truce. I believe this can help create pvp. I also believe since we can hit truces it is annoying for lots of p.. See more

#7004 - Status: open

1 year ago by AdvaitGoel for Opfactions


Remove Pufferfish

You should really remove this item cause it litterally gives u no knockback once u eat it when u fight players u take less kb theres no point in fighting someone that takes no knockback

#6989 - Status: open

1 year ago by Aeugher for Opfactions


New Pit Design

As we all have played opfactions we all see people glitching out using a pickaxe to mine out or water bucket. I made a pit which does not allow water bucket glitch and mineout glitch. Just make sure to record if you go inside of the saferoom inside this pit design. Otherwise just use the parkour to get out


This screenshot shows my pit design, its like .. See more

#6975 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by AdvaitGoel for Opfactions


Insiding tweeks

If you ever think of making insiding bannable which I highly support, please make kicking co-leaders who have contributed to the faction insideable if no mention is stated, as I've been kicked for no reason and then i insided them. So I don't really want this sort of thing done.

#6972 - Status: open

1 year ago by Aryaking for Opfactions



Pls make it that u can use fireball if enemy is near its retarded cause u cant even help out your friends if they are trapped

#6951 - Status: open

1 year ago by Aeugher for Opfactions