Add New Music ;)

Add Faded song on lobby's music list

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1 year ago by YOYO96GAMER for Lobby


Increase Log-in Time

People who have slow PC have to wait in the loading screen a little longer as the world loads before actually gaining control on the character and be able to type the login credentials. Sometimes when the PC is running low on memory, it could take much longer and sometimes miss the log-in and get kicked for unauthorized login or get kicked for sending too many packets. It's an issue thats be.. See more

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1 year ago by _Lyn for Lobby


Better Anti-Cheat

Hey I'm xTapL and I would just like to say that the Portal Gun Gadget in the lobby is bad. Every time I go through one of the portals the server kicks me and says that I'm kicked for hacks. Please could you fix this bug as I like using gadgets but I don't want to be kicked.

Thanks! :)

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2 years ago by MaximumGaming for Lobby



Add "Revenge" - "Don't mind at night" - "fallen kingdom" as mc music in the lobbies.

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3 years ago by Foxicc for Lobby


Undertale soundtracks

Hello everyone, it's RedstonyTony the DRR (determined redstone robot), so first of all, God bless you for accepting my awesome suggestion about the #Recentoffenders channel in discord, but there's another beautiful thing i wanna share, so i've seen lots of soundtracks you're using for the lobby, but there are some pretty popular soundtracks as well, i suggest using Undertale soun.. See more

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4 years ago by SundaeMondae for Lobby


Suggestion for thought

Greetings Everyone,
Its been so long since I have made a post about things
I am recently studying other servers miscellaneous things and I have come to a conclusion on how to improve the standards of this server.
Just a suggestion so hopefully there would be no obnoxious comments
1.When a player spawns in /hub, I might cling to the idea of a firework being projected on the spa.. See more

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5 years ago by Death for Lobby