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Vote Crates on SurvivalPlus

I think it's a big really big mistake making the crates only spawners because you know spawners can lag it right? Well yes of course it will because so many mobs...yea yea I know there's mobs that stack but except for the villager or rabbits, they spawn every time and on the first time playing that server i would say "Wow this is good" and now I would say "It's chaotic" because every.. See more

#6772 - Status: open

3 days ago by xx_skeppy_xx for Survivalplus


Add 1.16 pvp or Make a poll for voting 1.8 or 1.16 PvP

Since survivalplus is simple 1.16 minecraft but with spawners why not making the pvp of 1.16 too that would be more fun as u have to time your attacks not just spam click
Or atleast organize a poll in which we vote for our pvp style
It will help a lot..

#6719 - Status: open

1 week ago by AD_kicksomebutt for Survivalplus


/waypoint command

Ever found it hard to find the coords to specific places? Well with the command /waypoint, you can literally mark down your current coords with the command
/waypoint set [name] almost like the /home command, but it only shows you the coordinates. This command works in all dimensions.

#6636 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 weeks ago by NotGayISwear for Survivalplus


Dimension Resets

I think it would be kind of cool to reset both the end dimension (once every 3 months) and the nether dimension (once every 3 months) because it just becomes chaos and the amount of things that get looted each day is a lot. Just my suggestion!

#6635 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by NotGayISwear for Survivalplus


Observer Limit

You know how ranks have increased hopper limits?
Why not add that to SurvivalPlus but with observer?

Higher ranks get higher observer limit etc just like hopper limit!

#6634 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by NotGayISwear for Survivalplus



turn off phantoms from the gamerules becuz in multiplayer ppl cant sleep it means ithat phantoms spawn everynight so make that phantoms can only spawn from spawners

#6366 - Status: open

1 month ago by FeatGaming01 for Survivalplus