Add Resume Match Feature | Necessary!!

Hello, I would like to suggest that you guys add resume match option when a client disconnects from the server during the match. For example: /bw resume or something like that.

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1 year ago by MystifiedMedal for Bedwars


bedwars suggestion

a team of bedwars like fire which have orange colour should have a permanent leather armor and a permanent wooden sword.The upgrades with diamonds should be what hypixel did the classic bedwars i love.

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3 years ago by SnipingGodYT for Bedwars


Bedwars Suggestion!

So I've been hearing a lot about this bedwars lately.So i wanted to suggest this for the shader users....
Please Make the time Mid day or Noon in The gamemode!
That would be helpful and shaders would properly work
Also in eggwars the time is like early in the morning so its a bit dark with shaders
Please do set the time in eggwars too!

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3 years ago by xDerpy_Senpai for Bedwars