VIP kits

80% people wants to remove VIP. Those 20% are pay to win kids, and Extreme craft staff who only cares about money they make on vip kids. I dont care if this suggestions get -10, but im just saying that no one will play survival games except VIP kids. In one week, you got average players in survival games from 40 to 25. Thats kind of server this is. It could be great again if you remove VIP kits .. See more

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2 years ago by cikiiiiiiz for Survivalgames


VIP kits

Please remove VIP kits. They are to OP. Its just not fair to start the game with weapon that can instant kill everyone. Once, i hitted VIP player 10 times and he hitted me 2 times. Of course he won because of his pay to win weapon. Let me tell you a short story. I played survival games and there were 15 players. Then guy with VIP joined. After 5 minutes, there were 4 players (one player is him)!.. See more

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suggestions about SG

Remove VIP kits They are So Op and this is so Unfair
How We Can Win With Someone Have Full Iron Armor From The Start Or Sharpnes II on a sword

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3 years ago by HTLGAMERYT for Survivalgames