Add Glowstone powder at /shop in opskyblock

since there are no glowstone powder at /shop it would be hard to get powders because fortune doesnt work at glowstone blocks. It is important for potion makers,

#4874 - Status: open

1 year ago by Lisapoo for Opskyblock


Golddigger price

Hello, when opsky reset gd's (golddigger) prices up to 10m when it was 1.7m Last season. Can u plz make it 5m or 4m because its not fair for newbies and whole server players Who dont have much money.

#4755 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by Painful_ for Opskyblock


please add

please add more kits and casino warp and casino.

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2 years ago by ano312 for Opskyblock



There is A new method that scammers do,and i wanted u to know,So when they do trade like saying giving something for something they quickly take it off from the trade and they dont give others stuff back for exaple XPatatas scammed over 30 people and one of them is me,I hope u do something for this like jail or ban for some days ,Ty IChosenAnonymus!

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2 years ago by Teccc for Opskyblock


Add a Plugins

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2 years ago by xPeenoise for Opskyblock


accelerate the decrease in hopper

I request nxds or dieu to update the hopper, which speeds up the dropper hopper, because speeding up the hopper decreases is very important, especially on the opskyblock server, and can reduce the time waiting for items from the hopper to go down to chest, especially when mining using CE Drill 2 on an opskyblock server, and I sometimes get upset because I have to wait a long time for an item to .. See more

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2 years ago by HafidzRahayu for Opskyblock


Before u reset it Pls Add

Add the thing where u fall of the void u will respawn to the is its so annoying falling and dying because of ur team members pls fix that , it will make the server way better none rage because of falling i hope u see this in time

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2 years ago by Shmets for Opskyblock



Could you make the old /Stats comand to show up on the right side not in chat? Beacuse its better thet way.

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3 years ago by maluka10 for Opskyblock


Few ideas

1. Custom blocks available in shop that give us 100/1000/10000 is lvls. Prices should be same just as buying 100/1000/10000 emerald blocks. Buying/crafting/placing emerald blocks is really long process :)

2. Make islands bigger for ranked members. Or give us option to expand islands by buying but than free space between islands have to be huge and you should make it really expencive.

3. Do.. See more

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3 years ago by HigH_BuildeR for Opskyblock


Item auction from items falling into the void


I don't know if this is possible to do, but I think there would be cool to have like a auction (bid, and highest bid wins) of the items that fall into the void. The auction could be like once every 2-3 hour and every item that have fallen into the void (since last auction) will be in the auction (1 auction for ALL items). Highest bidder wins every item that have fallen into the vo.. See more

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3 years ago by GodlyMadness for Opskyblock