Spectators chat

Return the spectators chat in eggwars

#7516 - Status: rejected - See reply

4 months ago by Dinnerbone9 for Eggwars


Updates what EggWars need.

1. Please add sounds to EggWars like it is in SurvivalGames or Hide&Seak. When match is staring some sound sounds at 30, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 seconds. 2. When any arena starts notify players, again the same as in SG and H&S. 3. When match is ended, write the top killer and the winners team as it is on BedWars. 4. Start solos with 3 players. 5. Update the Lobby, add some new arenas, update old o.. See more

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10 months ago by vabaliukai1 for Eggwars



256 blocks height limit is just wtf. Changes must to be done and height limit must to be at least 2 times smaller.

#6129 - Status: open

10 months ago by vabaliukai1 for Eggwars


Make a rule that crossteaming (2 or 3 teams vs 1 team) is disallowed

Hello !
Can you please make a rule that the crossteaming is not allowed in team maps in eggwars too,same like it isnt allowed in solo maps. I have a problem that 3 teams crossteam (12 players) against me and my team (3-4 players only) and by the current YOUR rules it is not punishable,and it is completely unfair cuz it is punishable in solo maps when 3 teams (3 players) go on 1 team (1 player.. See more

#6109 - Status: open

10 months ago by The_F4th3R for Eggwars


Pls make skybase punishable with temp ban

Can you please increase the price of OpBuilder kit in eggwars and make skybasing punishable with temp ban after 2nd time skybasing,day by day there is more and more skybasers in eggwars,almost every game someone is skybasing and day by day there is less players in eggwars cuz there is no will to play when you every game need to kill at least one skybaser. Thanks in advance

#5972 - Status: open

11 months ago by The_F4th3R for Eggwars


New Maps in eggwars

Can you please add some new maps in eggwars? You didnt made nothing new in EW for years

#5920 - Status: open

11 months ago by The_F4th3R for Eggwars



Please make skybasing illeagal in eggwars. It's so annoying and wasting everyone's time.

#5770 - Status: open

11 months ago by vabaliukai1 for Eggwars


Remove Diamond Armour Kit

Remove the diamond armour kit.

#5725 - Status: open

12 months ago by Cassiterite for Eggwars


Teaming in Team Matches Rule

Many people do not know about this rule in eggwars .Please explain this rule on ec website about how it is disallowed. Thanks!

#5641 - Status: open

1 year ago by Bqtty for Eggwars


Remove teaming in team mode

A lot of people are teaming against someone or with someone and it is like 4v10 game where u cant win.All games are like that.

#4637 - Status: open

1 year ago by rizerOG for Eggwars


Improved Maps

Donator maps at minigames
You know ste xD

#3783 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by MrsGoddess for Eggwars


/party member autojoin (or something like that)

this'll basically make all online players autojoin a map u choose to join

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2 years ago by NightDiviner960 for Eggwars


16 vs 16 Team Map!!

I was wondering that you can add a big map of 16 vs 16 players. It would be epic. Please add this map as beta if it goes well keep it. It will be different from all the other maps and would be really awesome. And I think all Eggwars players will love it ♥. Thanks.

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3 years ago by Death_Reapxr for Eggwars


To Add More maps to EggWars

Hi, I wrote this to suggest on adding more maps to the server of EggWars. To me it has little maps and people keep playing the thing over and over.I think what will make ExtremeCraft better is adding more maps i.e. Airstrip, SkyHigh And by SkyHigh I mean The map could be in the air BUT It's my suggestion of maps you could add your own anyways it's YOUR server after all.... All am saying .. See more

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3 years ago by _xSqlty for Eggwars


Just a small suggestion

If you can, just try adding a few more interesting kits in eggwars.


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3 years ago by Putato for Eggwars



Make parties in Eggwars .

#1571 - Status: closed - See reply

3 years ago by Haniiiiiii for Eggwars


Obsidian kit

Hey there as you know that obsidian kit got only 4 obsidian can you please add one more in it so that the top of the egg could be covered. Yo can increase the cost of obsidian kit to 750 but adding one more obsidian will help everyone in the server a lot. Thank you.

#1462 - Status: closed - See reply

3 years ago by QuantumSage for Eggwars