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Question about potions

Hello. Please list pwarps where you can buy potions. Or just please tell me where you can buy a potion of strength 2 and potions of ignorance, because on some pwarps I bought all the potions, and the owner does not appear in the game to put new potions in the chest.

#4530 - Status: open

20 hours ago by bromark44 for Survival


Make it not pay to win ya money greedy cunt


#4529 - Status: open

1 day ago by dorro for Global


Conduct for Staff

I believe staff should actually Compile the evidence first before banning the individual. They should also allow the individual to explain what happened ect Hear them out.
Instead of being stubborn and working around a conspiracy which doesn't actually have any hard evidence. Am sure many people experienced this very situation and were wronged. Forced to take responsibility for an event tha.. See more

#4525 - Status: open

2 days ago by LastKnight21 for Global


I want this in my request some reward

🌹I am a player in this server for more than 600 days, I extend to you this my request to give to reward me, the reason is me of updates to some hackers i have long past with them, I do I reported them since 300 days I have a channel in YouTube "AbdouThePro" which include sections of hackers , my request is to give me some reward Not just me but for every person who Baltbulg them. Thank you.🌹

#4524 - Status: replied

2 days ago by xUnknownA_ for Global


Bring back premium shop but with good prices!

Premium shop with the same prices of spawners in /ah will be a fair way to buy spawners/eggs instead of buying overpriced spawners and avoiding scams, and if you make it let it auto update the prices of spawners..

#4516 - Status: open

2 days ago by HyperRazrq for Survival


Remove anti cheat

Hello! I suggest that anti cheat of opfaction should be removed cuz none likes it and its not fun i hate it so much i get like 5 sets and then go to warzone and get in
fight and after 2sec "Kicked for flying for related, kicked for killaura" everyone loses reputation and rages everyone should vote thumbsup its a very important suggestion
this anti cheat sucks tbh

#4509 - Status: open

5 days ago by ScoopyNice for Opfactions



Please disable spawners working when placed outside faction claims. Why? People tend to make hidden unclaimed bases which are basically not possible to find and raid their money farms. Also that way people can hide their wealth which makes game less competitive. Simple - want to make money? Make it on your claims.

#4504 - Status: open

5 days ago by KlausR for Opfactions



Please add commission one needs to pay to mine spawners in OPfactions and Factions servers. Lets say (30% of spawner shop value). Why? People just mine down spawners when they being raid attempted, and the raid ends there (That easy, after months of searching for particular base). This way either they will loose 30% or they gonna fight to the last man standing. Will make game more competitive.

#4503 - Status: open

5 days ago by KlausR for Opfactions


Void Auction

We should have a void auction in Skygrid like there is at Skyblock. Works well there in my opinon.

#4491 - Status: open

1 week ago by SeannnG for Skygrid


Suggesting new titles.

If a title suggestion got accepted. Give the person who suggested it for free.

#4490 - Status: open

1 week ago by sucks for Global



unban me

#4485 - Status: replied

1 week ago by YusufAltaf for Global


End Portals Anarchy

As you might know, end portals can be broken with a simple water bucket, and I have been discussing the fairness of this bug in anarchy (you could say yes anarchy has no rules so dont complain, but actually anarchy has rules here so why dont fix some bugs).
Anyways i tought that the bug is unfair because who gets to the portal first will have the only safe base in the server and they shouldn.. See more

#4483 - Status: open

1 week ago by aggronex for Anarchy



Opsurvival reset.

#4482 - Status: open

1 week ago by OverP0wered for Opsurvival


Chat system

Maybe we need a self extremecraft chat system to chat staff/owner on our forum :) i Hope you Accepted That


#4480 - Status: open

1 week ago by DreamVenomYT for Global


Restore THe good classic Semi Vanilla Beta but for 1.14.4 or 1.15

I think the server would attract many new players looking for 1.14.4 or 1.15 servers to play on with their friends i would be more than happy to see it of course regarding to voting the rewards will be like diamond armor 2 and 3 and 5 diamonds 3 iron 2 xp bottles ... and mroe misc items to keep a balance btw all players and kits liek mvp etc wil give u minerals instead like kit donor gives u 5 i.. See more

#4473 - Status: open

1 week ago by ItzZacKlocky for Global


Anarchy being named wrong

Anarchy should be called Hardcore survival or vanilla since is not a anarchy server for plenty of reassons to begin withthere is worldguard 2. there is anticheat .3 there are a bunch of rules in a "Anarchy" server when anarchy stands for lack of rules so pls consider renaming it or atleast make it right

#4471 - Status: open

1 week ago by ItzZacKlocky for Anarchy



So me & Maracaibo_z got a good idea
What if staffs get demoted and all members of the server become staff
Because , not gonna lie ... the actual staff are useless (AFK PRO PLAYER)

#4467 - Status: replied

1 week ago by YPGg for Global



can you pls like consider a better anticheat and more active staff and like respond to the /helpop cuz its kinda useless in this server like there is a million player doing alts in opfac no1 is banning or checking them and when there is a hacker somewhere no1 come to check him as well when we use /helpop like pls consider it like no1 like this
at least check the alts like every new player in op.. See more

#4465 - Status: replied

1 week ago by PvpGirleMc for Global


create working forums

in all the servers i play (4or5 ) forums was a place to talk and share about the game mod .
on this server is all in 1.
i try to see news about anarchy ,and bed wars and factions staff shows up and i cant find a thing,worse we cant only see posts of 1 page.
create separated forums where every server have a forum.
i play rpg to, in others server players make tutorials with images or .. See more

#4455 - Status: open

1 week ago by MRDD_2 for Global


Checkpoints on parkour

It would be fun if checkpoints are added to difficult parkour. E.g: Parkour in survivalgames, bedwars, skywars and so on...
I don't see anyone playing those parkour as it is too hard. (Players often rage quit when they fall halfway). This makes them not wanting to play it anymore.
It would be more motivating if checkpoints are added, at least we don't need to start all the way from the.. See more

#4444 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by IgniteZeus for Global


Upgradable kits

I think that on all servers there should be a few kits that are similar to the extra kits on /store but are bought with in game money and are upgradable. Some kits for these would be similar to the worker kit that starts by giving wood tools and can be upgraded to give enchanted diamond tools but not quite as good as worker kit so people still buy the worker kit. A kit similar to warrior kit tha.. See more

#4422 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by llamakin15 for Global



How many time left for factions reset!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4413 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by DreamVenomYT for Factions


Anti hacker lobby !

So an idea came out from no where while i was playing ,
-Make a pvp lobby for Donor+ [RANK]
Advantage : Hacker probably don't pay for rank so the ranked people wouldn't have to fight against hacker and make worse their gaming experience on minecraft :)

Happy New Year humans.


#4398 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by YPGg for Global


Opsurvival Reset #ResetOPSurv2020

I am a fan of OPSurvival just like many players on Extremecraft are aswell. The Gamemode is fun as it's competitive but also OP. The OP side of the gamemode allows creative minds (such as mine) to build to the hearts desire. The Survival side to it allows pure survival , farming for money , making builds.

I am a Builder and I love OPSurvival because of cheap blocks and a survival.. See more

#4392 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by RPGMuffin for Global


Reset Opsurvival

Reset Opsurvival

#4386 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by RX5700XTCat for Opsurvival