Game Mode Add

Hi can you perhaps consider adding Tinkers Construct if possible?
And a random Bloodmoon will also spice things up a little haha ;)

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4 years ago by Lord_JuanDP for Survival



Hey. I've got a really small suggestion and that is to make TNT destroy stuff when it blows up.
By no means do I want to encourage griefing, but I just think that if you have TNT, you light it up, you hear it go off and it doesn't blow anything, then what's the point?
Right now, on the survival server at least, TNT is just an expensive useless block. I don't really know the sit.. See more

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3 years ago by Karamel43 for Survival


No shop more economy and more fun

every items on /shop and cheap. u can live there easy without effort. if can be shop like anarchy server, people can earn money to sell some in game items. this will be a cause for to play game.

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3 years ago by ElitSamurai for Survival


Its time for survival to get reset

Its been like 7--10Months since Survival got reset, and this past weeks,survival started getting boring and dead, and even after the prison reset alot of survival Players goes there, and so it keeps losing its fun everyday
i hope so that we see a reset on survival verry soon

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1 year ago by qVince for Survival


New Command

I am suggesting a command that allows you to:
-Check who placed or broke a certain block
-Check who opened a chest and took out or put an item in

(Something like "/is inspect" in Skyblock game modes)
I think it would be really helpful to players in their claims instead of pestering staff members to check for them.

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2 years ago by chicly for Survival