Nice Stuff To Add For Factions And Cannoning

hello Good evening / morning !
Since now we have a better jar for /go cannon (No Offense)
I'd like to suggest these stuff to add for the Cannoning Server first of all :
*Tick Counters - It would be nice to have a tick counter instead of counting in our heads or a calculator or on a piece of paper its much easier
*Magic Sand - its basically sand that refills itself when ever there is the.. See more

#7510 - Status: open

1 year ago by ImSkillyPanda for Cannoning


Add Gametick Counter Tool

A game tick counter would be great for EC cause it means people can build cannons from scratch much easier which means a higher playerbase for the server. Adding this tool will allow people to actually build a cannon specifically a big one from scratch. Without it, they'll just scratch their head and go to another cannoning server with a gametick counter. I feel like the server right now is .. See more

#6842 - Status: open

1 year ago by jewnik for Cannoning