Your bedwars server is fantastic but you should also add normal bedwars because like my friend was new to server he was killing what's this? what are gadgets? why do we need bricks why the forge is not multiple????

you know people that they are new they don't understand anything about this bedwars I just understand this and they say come on I don't know anything about this bedwars.. See more

#9270 - Status: open

5 months ago by ItsEp1c for Bedwars


Plz reset maps but no need to 1.17 it we wont spawners at bedwars :v

Plz add new maps and new misc.. at bedwars to ppl play again But Plz PLZZ still let 1.8 join for we dont need spawners and netherite at bedwar :(

#9163 - Status: open

6 months ago by XxLiVe for Bedwars


new potion

add invisibility potions that make you invisible for 3 minutes and your armor shoudnt be visible

#8425 - Status: open

1 year ago by ihate_pigs for Bedwars


Competitive Bedwars

You should add a game mode to bedwars that has an elo system that people can grind instead of leaderboards, stars, and with the choice of solo and teams.

Here's how it could work

Elo system - There should be ranks based on how much elo you have

0-99 - Coal
100-199 - Iron
200 - 299 - Gold
300-399 - Diamond
400-499 - Emerald
500-599 - Ruby
600-699- Saphire
700-799 - Amethyst
8.. See more

#8392 - Status: open

1 year ago by SithV1 for Bedwars


Remove compasses / add a new practice gamemode

Heeeelloo everyone! How's your day going? So I'd like staff to remove the target compasses because literally NOBODY uses them and they don't even throw them in the void, annoying for when they respawn and for their teammates. It's SO useless so please remove it!

Second and last, I know this is difficult and will take much time to make but please, PLEASE add a bedwars practice .. See more

#8156 - Status: open

1 year ago by Lolcat_exe for Bedwars


Gen split / better team upgrades / fireballs

Hey! So I've been thinking about making this suggestion for some time...

First of all, I'd really love to add a generator split bc people will get more resources and most of us get mad when our teammate steals iron or gold when we want also at the beginning of the game we can rush faster, for example, you get a bunch of blocks and start rushing, then, you misplace a block and fall.. See more

#8132 - Status: open

1 year ago by Lolcat_exe for Bedwars


Show top 10 players with biggest krd

Show top 10 players with biggest krd now we only see players with biggest score

#8009 - Status: open

1 year ago by suomilanittaja for Bedwars



Release the new updated bedwars

#7796 - Status: open

1 year ago by iChooseMJ for Bedwars


Shop System

For the shop system of bedwars a new shop should be added for team upgrades and for the orignal system fix it up so that it would look cleaner like in the hypixel shop system and other server shop systems. It would look better and buying stuff would be faster.

#7575 - Status: open

1 year ago by TahJ758 for Bedwars


BedWars Update + Reset

bedwars reset is upcoming, i would like to make a suggestion about an update. So there should be some private games in bedwars,
this doesnt affect stats like KDR and Deaths. Cmds: /bw match create, /bw match modify, /bw match leave /bw match start /bw match invite.
So this match thingy is like for 1v1s, Mini events hosted by people. Starting with /bw match create it creates a bw match.
/bw ma.. See more

#6411 - Status: open

1 year ago by nullscoped for Bedwars



Can we have a bedwars tournament for fun where there will be 4 players in each team,
at the end the prize could be a choice of your own for the team who wins the tournament.

#6032 - Status: open

2 years ago by CyanDr3ams for Bedwars


Firework Behavior Change

The firework gadget is a very cool gadget that can save you from falling in the void, however even if u manage to use it and land on a block, the fall damage accumulates or adds up and u end up dying to fall damage, which is very frustrating to almost all bedwars players. So it would really be cool if fall damage was removed from fireworks. Thank You!^^

#5497 - Status: open

2 years ago by SamTheDevil for Bedwars