New command?

Make a command just for updating island levels (visible to everyone) and another where we can also peep our own island level without updating the island for everyone else's eyes.

-kind of stops people from fighting over updating island levels when they are told not to... .v.
-probably add it to acidisland, skyblock and opskyblock?

#5212 - Status: open

2 years ago by chicly for Acidisland


Improve ChestHoppers specifically Condens

If an 'Item Configuration' of a specific Item is set to condense, that item will not be affected by hoppers, i.e. that they won't go down to hoppers.

For example: If someone has a Silverfish Farm, they can set the 'Item Config' of a chest hopper to 'Condense' so that emeralds will be excluded from going to hoppers until they are condensed into Emerald Blocks.

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#5182 - Status: open

2 years ago by Barsirist for Acidisland