Please make OpFactions able to be played again

Opfactions is so fun and a lot of people like to play it, by making it unplayable EC is losing revenue they would have gained. I would appreciate it if Opfactions was playable again. (I posted this again because the last one wasn't public)

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3 months ago by awesomecow67 for Opfactions



When you do /spawn, you get bug in the floor. I suggest to spawn a bit higher to avoid this annoying bug.

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1 year ago by LuisAlejandro20 for Opfactions



Since we all have a faction or person we hate a bit(or very much) it would be fun if we could set a bounty on someone. It could be really fun and would encourage pvp although it might also encourage targetting. A title could also be added: Bounty hunter only available for people that claimed a certain number of bounties (that would be optional). I hope you guys put some thought into it.

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2 years ago by AdrienOp for Opfactions


Stacked Gen Buckets

Add stacked gen buckets for more convenience making bases. Buying them one inventory at a time is time consuming/ hassle. Please consider my suggestion for Factions and OpFactions.

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2 years ago by HibouSoup for Opfactions


Mob Spawner

Hey Admin, How about change the mob spawner the regular mobs without diamond block and drop mobs item need a diamond block, so that we can stackable the mob spawner from up to down and spawn regular mobs.
If Admin have a reason, can i know about it.
Sorry for my broken english, Have a great day! :D

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2 years ago by WizardVz for Opfactions


New Gen buckets

You cant guys use other plugin for gen buckets ? they r not stacking thats sucks and base work its hard for us with the not stacking.

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2 years ago by Smerus for Opfactions


Spawners Farm

I got a question can you guys change the Max spawner in 1 chuck to higer. Its 40 max in 1 chuck is kinda bad?

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3 years ago by BAReHENrik2 for Opfactions



Reset OPFactions, add new ce's etc.... and change spawn/warzone maps. And add new things like chunkrippers and magictnt's bossarenas etc..
becaus its dead atm

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3 years ago by CaptainXII for Opfactions


OPFactions - Multiple f homes for different ranks

So, pretty self explanatory. It would let us set different homes for different faction ranks ex.:

/f sethome recruit

/f sethome Officer

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4 years ago by dmcplayer for Opfactions