Remove Shield Orbs

So I decided if you can remove shield orbs in bedwars, please its annoying and few players suggested it already but nothing changed aswell.

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9 months ago by spookylqv for Bedwars


Changes about the Ranking

I did 3 or 2 game of bedwar 1v1 and get vs some tryharders, it would be motivating for new player to get vs each other, helping them learning the shop and the maps. Or maybe a tutorial or i don't know. Please excuse me my bad english and have a nice day :)

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11 months ago by efol for Bedwars


Make cross teamming bannable at teams

I dont know alot of things about that but i have heard before a long time ago that cross teaming at teams its allowed. Well its normal at teams someone has a teamer but you cant team with anyone you want only with members of your team. I dont know if there is a rule about that but if there isnt i think will be very good to make a rule for jail people when cross teaming even at teams

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1 year ago by EmperorOfBananas for Bedwars


Changing of Hotbar positions of Builder Blocks upgrade.

When we upgrade Builder Blocks we get blocks on the first slot and sword is on second, many times while our bed are being rushed we hit people with blocks and we have to switch positions of our blocks and swords. It won't hurt to just switch their positions. Please do so.

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1 year ago by chinaman257 for Bedwars


Bedwars level

Add bedwars Levels or stars in chat, It will show how good or experienced you are and that will motivate players and maybe will increase amount of players.

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2 years ago by ImOnlyHumanBlyat for Bedwars