opskyblock needs updates

the opskyblock players have been long wanting the gamemode to be updated
we would like the new 1.19 blocks so we can build more stuff with new designs
i would like to to request that for mudblocks to be added , everything coral wise to be added so i can make a tnt duper, the shop needs to get moe things added to sell and more stuff to buy so that the people can make more farms on the opskybloc.. See more

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2 months ago by infected237 for Opskyblock


Increaseing the amount of pistons placed in a chunk ( Opskyblock )

Hey there, I would like you guys to increase the amount of pistons that you can place in each chunk
I have a project that i'm making and i don't want it to broken , so if please if you can increase it to atleast to 200 in each chunk then i'd be so thanksful <3

#9607 - Status: open

4 months ago by suck for Opskyblock


about pvp in opsky

can you pls make pvp of normal 1.16 it hud be fun cuz we are playing same pvp combat more than year so its my humable request to make normal 1.16 pvp

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10 months ago by BlackTiten for Opskyblock


Reset OPSKYBLOCK & fix the cheating

there is a big issue with duping on opskyblock i have no clue how they are doing it but even money is getting out of hand people with dubs and dubs of ig spawners and cheating to 3 trillion after only signing up with ec after 3 days XD the list goes on and on. i plan on breaking the server through legit means but all the cheating is just getting out of hand that people are doing and so its all r.. See more

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1 year ago by THExOCDxGAMER for Opskyblock


Make boss world and /levels

Make like a portal on spanw wich will take you to boss world and some boss will spanw every like 5 minutes or so and some minions always spawning around and the /levels will like be the player's stats that every time the player level up it will be rewarded like xp and spanwers or have access to what kund of zone in boss world and also add custom enchantments and /skills

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1 year ago by Emico_ for Opskyblock


A New SkyBlock Mode (RPG in Skyblock)

I have gone for like 4 months and just came back earlier . I see theres a bad status signal for ExtremeCraft , kinda sad but EC is like a childhood to me . Today I'm here to offer a new OPSkyblock Season changes

- We need the command like /level or /rankup on OPSkyblock

How does it work ?
For example , All players will start at lvl 1 , they must collect all the required items to level.. See more

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1 year ago by KewLinh for Opskyblock


Adding ability to make small claims on island to give permission there.

Survival server has the best system of giving perms, we can make separate claims to give perms for different players. It keeps the whole area safe while giving perms on only the places we need them to use.
Almost same system should be on opskyblock since hiring placers are so common there.
And we do get griefed since they have access to full island like its there own island. And its almost i.. See more

#8288 - Status: open

1 year ago by Galvix for Opskyblock


Alt. way to change island settings

sky block: since there is island levels and island settings that only mvp+ rank players can change why not adding level based that player that can change island setting by...

#8285 - Status: open

1 year ago by NightOmega_ for Opskyblock


A few particular changes

So I would like to discuss few changes that I would like to see to be done for upcoming opskyblock season and other's aswell if possible.
And I hope everyone who's reading this may approve my statement....

1st: *Remove /is addlevel...*
As many people which they've been playing acidisland they've witness the fall of ex top 1 island name (warriorben ex top 1 island) which he w.. See more

#8120 - Status: open

1 year ago by JohnSeed26 for Opskyblock


add /is addlevels

pls add /is addlevels because this is "OP" skyblock

if normal skyblock have it, then why opsky dont have?

#8094 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by Xeithas for Opskyblock



Hello, if u are going to add /is addlevels at opskyblock after reset could you make it like 20% of lvls are added? If u make it 100% it will be all about p2w there same as at skyblock.

#7216 - Status: open

2 years ago by Skiuba_ for Opskyblock



Due to the other server resets and more. Less people are playing in Opskyblock. From couple weeks I'm noticing that vote parties are not happening alot, may be once a day. And it is not fair for people you play at night if the VoteParty is happening in the morning.

One more thing to add. I see that VoteParty resets at 1am of my night. I suggest that keep the VoteParty going 24/7. In a cyc.. See more

#6687 - Status: open

2 years ago by ImMrX for Opskyblock


skyblock. opskyblock. acidislands

it would be nice if there is a new color for 100mil+ level now it is just gray.

#6204 - Status: open

2 years ago by Stifmeister420 for Opskyblock


Fly Topic OpSkyblock

The player with 100,000+ island level can able to fly in another island with /is coop permission.

#5604 - Status: open

2 years ago by ImMrX for Opskyblock


Add spawners to /shop

I believe that spawners at opskyblock are very rare. And to solve this problem I suggest that we add spawners to /shop. But, with a change, Prices fluctuate depending on the demand(dynamic pricing), so the more the spawner is bought the more expensive it gets
This will not break the economy as people will have to spend more to get more spawners at a later date.....

#4627 - Status: accepted - See reply

3 years ago by SomeVagueRanks for Opskyblock


there should be a little bit more fun into opskyblock

i think that OpSkyblock should have minions they help you mine and stuff and then if you do then you can add a minion shop its like pets but you can see them move and do the work and also pets do not wood cut they just drop stuff when you give the pet right food but minions you do have to feed but you can get them to link chests so on chest is a food chest and you linked your minion to it now yo.. See more

#4484 - Status: shortlisted

3 years ago by imTheRealSummer for Opskyblock


Making people dont lose their stuff when they fall into the void

Because i know how it feels to fall down into the void with you best stuff by accedent,i suggest adding a plugin or whatver its called that makes players NOT lose their stuff when they fall into the void

#4133 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 years ago by XxGRManosGRxX for Opskyblock



Reset OpSkyBlock and bring back the old pvp arena, remove bedrock, remove resourcespets, remove new ce's.

#3398 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 years ago by CaptainXII for Opskyblock


add a gen bucket

add a gen bucket instead of me grinding hours even if you hsve to have certain rank to have option to use like 20k per use something like that

#3261 - Status: rejected - See reply

4 years ago by Ponyboy2017 for Opskyblock