Stop hiding it!

Can we have hide and seek back?

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1 year ago by Jooooohn for Hideandseek


added leader board players in hide and seek [[bed wars have]]

do it for this everyone join hide and seek and watch who number 1 or who number 5 + everyplayer playing hide and seek

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2 years ago by imD4rkness for Hideandseek


Make Map In One

Hey There Dear Admins/Owner
I play a lot of HideAndSeek and i noticed that sometimes Newbie players play and LOOK only at right side of maps. My suggestion is to make all maps on one wall like at eggwars or mke it like at skywars. Like open inventory where you see all the maps. It would be easier to start games :P

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4 years ago by BloodyMoonZ for Hideandseek


Make it kind of like murder mystery and hide and seek (mixed)

example: Some person be a seeker and need to kill the hiders but there are some CPU players also roaming around so if seeker hit they lose HP.

Hider must have a objectives to complete to win.

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4 years ago by XEvolved_TigerX for Hideandseek