Sumo gamemode in PVP

Sumo arenas for players in PvP. It can be good to practice combos. Also I feel like a lot of people will want to play it. Thanks for reading my suggestion. U pog <3

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7 months ago by givebobuxordie for Pvp


New Items

Add Fireballs, Kb1 Stick For 10 Gold And Make Armor Upgrades Separately

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7 months ago by iAering for Bedwars



you should add fishing rods in to /go pvp freeforall :D

#6762 - Status: open

7 months ago by Harry4019 for Pvp



It would be an awesome idea in my opinion to make a parkour gamemode.This is because i love parkour and pvp the thing is i have pvp in this server but not parkour ive been waiting for this gamemode to bw out for 1 month and theres still no parkour gamemode.It would be an excellent choice to add a gamemode like this in the future!Thank you! Btw this is one of the best cracked servers in my opini.. See more

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7 months ago by Brine for Global


Add Some Tnt Games

we need more minigame to this server for example tnt run bow spleef like games that would be awsome

#6755 - Status: open

7 months ago by Sathusha for Global


Fishing rod

Pls add fishing rod to diamond in pvp. Diamond is so boring without fishing rod

#6750 - Status: open

7 months ago by Ali830 for Pvp



Add trees in the opfaction warzone as it adds depth to the warzone

#6737 - Status: open

7 months ago by umar3040 for Opfactions



I think yo u should add sumo to pvp server as the event you did was very fun and in the future hopefully there is more sumo events so adding a sumo gamemode could give people chance to get better

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7 months ago by 101G for Pvp



Pretty self explanatory. Ultra Hardcore. Players spawn at a randomly generated world at random locations and start with only some tools. After about 7-10 minutes, PVP is enabled and some chests with items appear here and there (Their cords will be shown in chat). Health Regeneration could be off for food but thats optional. Last person standing wins.

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7 months ago by xasistas for Global


Add murder mystery

Add murder mystery

#6731 - Status: open

7 months ago by HipHarryPlays for Global


MultiTool improvement

There is MultiTool kit for hero+, could you add to this hoe /is addlevels?

#6727 - Status: open

7 months ago by Skiuba_ for Skyblock


/is lock

Hi, could you make possibility of locking island without locking nether? I hope u can do it its not changing to much but would really help me I must ban whole team that is next to me so they wouldnt spy on my island but got very important shop in nether.
Example of commands:
/is lock island
/is lock nether

#6723 - Status: open

8 months ago by Skiuba_ for Skyblock


/buy / Boss spawn Item

Hi could you please add a Boss Mob Spawn Item in The shop?
Because I wantet to get some but there are just Boss items for like every other gamemode. (But not for prison) I don’t know if that is your intention but I would be happy if it would be added.

Have a nice day :D

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8 months ago by SxyHxllo for Prison



Due to the other server resets and more. Less people are playing in Opskyblock. From couple weeks I'm noticing that vote parties are not happening alot, may be once a day. And it is not fair for people you play at night if the VoteParty is happening in the morning.

One more thing to add. I see that VoteParty resets at 1am of my night. I suggest that keep the VoteParty going 24/7. In a cyc.. See more

#6687 - Status: open

8 months ago by ImMrX for Opskyblock


Buff Cactus / Make it worth placing

For now cactus is pretty much not worth placing at all, 1 Piece of cactus sells for $2 each.
Now that's pretty low, even though you guys have tried to make skyblock less p2w by making iron not being sellable, I still think cactus should get a small buff.
1 Piece of cactus should in my opinion at least sell for $4-$5 or make it that Cactus actually gives point.
I think it should give 5-10.. See more

#6683 - Status: open

8 months ago by Steveeeeeeeeeey for Skyblock


pvp server game idea

Can we get a gamemode on the pvp server (or whatever other server staff sees fit) for sumo.

no armor
no weapons (maybe just pie)

a relatively small circular area where a good 5 (maybe 6) hit combo will knock them of the edge of the suspended platform to their demise.

best fat boy wins all

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8 months ago by ppl2956 for Global


skyblock shop

make so we can buy cactus at shop

#6658 - Status: open

8 months ago by MilkIsHere for Skyblock


Add a TNT Run mode.

Every time i get into Skywars the first thing i see is just spam from people that are begging us to join destruction. Please add a TNT Run gamemode and put an end to our torture.

#6656 - Status: open

8 months ago by xasistas for Skywars


I don't understand it

Pls give a better understanding book to how to survive

#6655 - Status: open

8 months ago by zeyxon for Skygrid


Allow more than one home to members

Pls let us also have 2 homes so that we can make a home in nether and in overworld

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8 months ago by zeyxon for Survivalplus


New maps

replace the pvp maps with new fresh ones. These are now old and are getting boring while also being very small and stacked with obstructions (trees, ruins etc) making the arenas seem even smaller than they are, ruining the pvp experience.
Large flat arenas are what I currently have in mind, but of course, stylized to look better as in rich terrain or a roof with fancy walls. This would also fit.. See more

#6651 - Status: open

8 months ago by surrealtion for Pvp


Heads in lobby

A new command that shows you which heads you have found in a list, ordered by the collectible number.

#6650 - Status: open

8 months ago by icuk33 for Lobby


Adding water bottles to /shop

To be honest having to make a water pool and spam right click on glass bottles is so annoying. I recommend staff to put water bottles in /shop for like 10-50$ each. I really don't want to spend 5 minutes spamming right click to fill my inventory with bottles. I feel like others ran into the same problem. So please, add water bottles to the shop, so we have easy access to them when we need to.. See more

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8 months ago by SovietMafia for Factions


OpSurvival Reset

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been playing your gamemode, Opsurvival. It is a gamemode with vast features and overpowered things. But at this point of time, everything has been achieved by the players. There is no meaning of playing when you have everything. New players have to work a lot to get to the economic level right now. They start with $1000 but can do nothing. Even if they go mining by using .. See more

#6642 - Status: open

8 months ago by MCRoneetPro for Opsurvival


Legendary keys and diamonds blocks

Within the legendary key crate, i would suggest, considering diamond blocks no longer count towards the factions points system, that the diamond blocks be removed. Legendary keys can be relatively hard to obtain and after fighting and using god apples etc, it is already depressing enough to receive something such as a legendary bow, never mind diamond blocks. I hope you consider this suggestio.. See more

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8 months ago by sacadre for Factions