/offe on discord

Since /offe on discord sends your offenses in your PMs instead of posting that in the channel you typed the command
I think it would be nice if you could do /offe yourself on ecds so you can keep record of your offenses and maybe improve your behavior.

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2 years ago by VeteranX for Discord


new things on discord for banneds

add a channle that banneds can talk there and i think if we can read other channles too (but not write)

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1 year ago by fatihali for Discord



You banned someone when they didnt deserve it...

Now the victim is mad.

But you can say sorry by giving the victim a present of 15euros voucher.

It would then make the victim less mad and everyone's happy...

Thank You

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1 year ago by SydneysWorst for Discord


Ban people who submit crappy memes, from submitting memes

Most of you already know #memes is filled with garbage, it would be nice if we had a system where like if 3 of your memes get more dislikes than likes, then you're banned from submitting anymore memes.

Or maybe temp ban for 1 week, you get the general idea.

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10 months ago by H2Oryxio for Discord



Add a new channel just for people to post pictures of their cats

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10 months ago by icuk33 for Discord



Pls add a place in the discord where we can chat pls.
Thank you.

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8 months ago by DarkestMana for Discord



This is very important, we need to be able to sue people for different offenses they have done against us like assault and name calling
Here's how it works
1st - you need a lawyer, you can hire one from /relations
2nd - you need to choose the person you want to sue
3rd - you need to specify the reason why you wanna sue
4th - you need to choose your damages
And that's it, you can al.. See more

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1 year ago by SundaeMondae for Discord



Make Roles on every titles on game and special channel on every title
and thx


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9 months ago by KingMafia_ for Discord



Did the top voters get vouchers in the end of the month or no?

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2 months ago by BaselOmadYTX for Discord


new gender type

pls add "Dragon" gender on /profile :D

#8067 - Status: open

1 month ago by NerfMyFlame for Discord



Would be interesting to allow swearing in the discord, so long as it is inside the ||spoilers|| so that only people who want to read it will read it.

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2 years ago by Qawhoo for Discord


new command for bigbrother

New command: /dieu
It posts a random kitty picture or something related to dieu... mods choice

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11 months ago by surrealtion for Discord



It would be better if u added a TeamSpeak

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1 year ago by BiliBili228 for Discord


new command owowowowo

/customstatus (user), this will show the player's custom status obviously owo

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8 months ago by KinkyKadaii for Discord


Penalty in #memes

Add a penalty for sending copied memes. Not all CMs remember the memes sent since February but if a player does remember that the send a particular meme and it has been copied, the person copying should be given a penalty. You could just remove the meme from the channel but all that does is make those players send more copied memes with no fear of a penalty and atleast one of their memes get acc.. See more

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8 months ago by Sagitarius_A for Discord


New posting thingy

I think we could add a #art. Would work exactly the same way as memes. You can post art, dislike/like ratio, no NSFW content, sexism, racism, cussing etc, You can get a role to get pinged for art and yeah. im not gonna use the role but i think it would be cool for people to upload there art.

#4810 - Status: open

1 year ago by zxSila for Discord



Can you make BigBrother respond when someone says "Hey @BigBrother your ugly" And BigBrother be like "no u"

it's like BigBrother roasting that player and I know he has many responses but can you add the "No u" word when someone says "u are ugly" or a word with "ugly" and he will say "no u", and plus if someone says "@BigBrother I'm ugly" and "BigBrother be like "Yes" and its funny.
.. See more

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6 months ago by CreeperDj26 for Discord



Add minigames in the extremecraft discord, like a bot that does games or the bigbrother itself, so we can play games whenever we're bored or on phone.

#7828 - Status: open

2 months ago by GallowPeacer for Discord


new channel

a channel where people can post/report scammers and stuff for gamemodes. It should have a set layout for reports like:

(username) is a (e.g scammer)
Gamemode: e.g OPFactions
Proof: screenshot or video link
More info: e.g They look for good swords!

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1 week ago by Msmi for Discord



Bigbro sends a list for name history in pms.

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2 years ago by Qawhoo for Discord


Top meme channel

It would be a channel, where the most upvoted meme of the week gets mentioned.

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1 year ago by PowerPearling for Discord


Suggestion points

This suggestion might be trivial but eh, it's versatile, i suggest every time someone suggests something like a title or anything and it gets accepted, then give them suggestion points on discord, just as a small beautiful reward, and make it so that there's absolutely no other way to get it but suggesting, not asking NxDs for them without the requirements i just wrote, thanks.

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2 years ago by SundaeMondae for Discord


Staff Role for the 'Underage'

I'm 12. And i feel like there should be a way that 'underage' ( as you may call us ) people should be able to help out among the Discord or maybe even on the Minecraft server itself.
Some people under 15 are mature, responsible or smart enough to help out and give fellow members tips or guidance in either Discord or Minecraft. I do understand that the minimum age for staff is 15, a.. See more

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2 years ago by ItzOllieW for Discord




tho i am not sure how to fix the problem that people are gonna scream out loud, maybe we do like turns, and we have a discord staff that holds it
and then the discord staff can unmute the people that are gonna sing, possibly?

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2 years ago by zi_u for Discord


Afk Voice

some players doing afk but we dont have afk voice and afk room at discord chanel just added pls to player stay at AFK voice

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6 months ago by Retired_MAFIA for Discord