Escapist removal

Hello. So at the start of OPFactions reset there was a problem with buffed ces (Chainer particularly) and armor breaking at the speed of light. Hyper fixed it and now armor nearly doesn't break. The only way to kill a person is by quickdropping them. Still, there is a custom enchant called "Escapist" which basically saves your life every 30 seconds. YES. 30 seconds. If you get below 5 hearts.. See more

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3 months ago by Terifying for Opfactions


back to season 1

shockwave on the sword poison too gooey og magic books were bored of this magic books
opfac keep dying and dying every 3 to 4 weeks
we need some fun
that let us add 10 to 20 magic books to 1 sword
not maximum 5 books

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6 months ago by iamLovy for Opfactions


Sword ce

I think that a sword ce that kills mobs faster would be very useful for grinding. example: A ce that kills 10 mobs at once if it is stacked. Please consider this.

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1 year ago by Sandal06 for Opfactions



There should be a /enchants to view custom enchants, show what each of them does, and which item they can go on.

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1 year ago by OozyAsteroid for Opfactions



since there is Drill I and II please also add III and IV and maybe also V because trenching on opfactions is not easy and Drill II wont really help a lot to trench 400chunks

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1 year ago by Bilind for Opfactions


Pickaxe CustomEnchant

This enchant can be usefull on the Factions/Opfactions server in many ways to make factions a more enjoyable game and easy to make and build different things in claimed land. A Custom Enchant that is permanently plafed on a pickaxe that lets you instantly break a obsidian block with just 1 tapping the block. For example:
1. You place a worng obsidian gen block in your base and want to destroy i.. See more

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1 year ago by JuxtXotic for Opfactions


The Utility of Butcher (CE)

Dear extremecraft,
As an experienced xp grinder user i cannot understand the use of THE butcher in opfactions and in factions in general
Can be done something about? Like adding the heads on the /shop or at least in the /sell command.
Or, eventually a new ranking system based on the heads of mobs.
Hope my suggest will be useful for the server.

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2 years ago by AbstractDeaf for Opfactions


Frequent Flyer I Or II

Player can Fly use That CE To use that we need elytra

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2 years ago by nopeL_ for Opfactions


Idea for CE

Maybe a CE thats called
"Obbybreaker" that can mine obsidian faster, almost instantly?

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2 years ago by P00PYPuppy for Opfactions



get the og magic book pls everyone will play opfactions plssssss

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2 years ago by iamLovy for Opfactions


Fishing Rod enchants

The fishing rod that you get with every kit (Donor----->Nexus) Is basically very useless since no one uses it/has a use for it. So I got the idea of adding Custom Enchants for the rod that could be usefull for pvp, like when you right click someone with the rod it slows them. And also you can add Custom Enchants that give a chance of appearing for OP armor/weapons. So this will be a great use fo.. See more

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2 years ago by Unhopefully for Opfactions


news Custom Enchant / More

Ghost Enchant no one can do /near to find you

Level Enchant: level 1 Ghost 1 50 blocks neared

Level 2 Ghost II 150 Blocks not neared

Level 3 Ghost III 200 blocks not neard

New System enchanting

1- we need commend /Enchanter no more /Warp enchanter
2- /tinkerer give 50% for my level 20% Costom
3- we need /Enchanter Tir 1 25 level tir II 40 level Tir 3 60 level
.. See more

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2 years ago by Jakesky for Opfactions



Per XP gained from using an item, it will automatically repair itself.
In other words, if you gain xp from killing using an item with this custom enchant, it will repair the item you are using and it be based upon the level.

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2 years ago by Death for Opfactions


Custom Enchant

i think a good Custom Enchant for OpFactions will be Takeback 1 2 3 4 and 5

This enchant Will tp the player back to u if the player runs u should be able to toggle it from a key...
1= 15%
5=40% Chance of Getting tped back When hit

This is Both Sword and Bow

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3 years ago by Aryaking for Opfactions


Add More Custom Enchantment

I am here to suggesting some new Custom Enchantment to have a better future of this server
1.Jump Boots c'e max level is 3 so we can jump hinger
2.Trap like freezing but for swords so there a change to trap people max level is 5
3.Lifesteal for axes max level is 4 same as the SoulStealer but for axe
4.like and orb that give u more c'e to put on an item like 6 orb or 7 orbs
it woul.. See more

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3 years ago by BlueEys for Opfactions


Variable jump boost CE(s)

I've played on a couple of serves with Springs (variable) and Antigravity (variable, but stronger) and they can be a lot of fun - also a bit dangerous, because with some you can get high enough to start doing damage to yourself on landing.

Any chance of seeing those here?

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3 years ago by fencepost for Opfactions


New custom enchant!

Name of new enchant : Levitation
Max level: 2
Can be put on: sword , axe

What it does:
Levitates nearby mobs and players for 3 seconds

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3 years ago by AFJ2 for Opfactions


It's will be good

Shockwave X
Goowy IX
Charger X
Poison X

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3 years ago by iamLovy for Opfactions



have a chance to drop a head (up to level 3) lvl 1:10% lvl 2 :25% lvl 3 : 50%.

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3 years ago by overloved for Opfactions


2 suggestions about CEs (all wil appreciate it if its accepted :D)

suggestion 1: if u checked my previous shortlisted suggestion wich is about repairing CE items well icant edit so imade this make us put more than 5 CEs (idont see a problem in that) and let us mix the CE item with vanilla enchants , ex..(unbreaking.fire aspect, silk touch etc...) (rly all will love this)

suggestion 2: this one is about growth pls dont make it consumes our crops in our inve.. See more

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4 years ago by _UchihaMadara_ for Opfactions


PvP Enchant

Escape 1
Meaning: When your lower than 4HP from the 20 you will get speed 5 for 15 secs.
Rabbit 1-2-3
meaning: Jump boost 1-2-3.
Combo 1
Meaning: when you hit someone alot of times and they din't hit you back you will deal more damage.

For PvP it isn't an ce.

For legend rank people, give them fix hand in combat 5 min cooldown it cost 10K eatch fix hand.
For Extreme rank peopl.. See more

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4 years ago by TheKillerNL for Opfactions


CE suggestion

In HCF, Gooey was a favourite amongst most people. It had a chance to launch people into the air dealing fall damage. This one's going to spice things up, I suggest renaming it to Ascend or Trampoline? I rate 2 or 3 should be it's enchant limit

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4 years ago by MariusFoot for Opfactions