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#6538 - Status: rejected - See reply

6 days ago by kubye for Global


The songs

Hey can you add like some stuff where you can put id of songs and they can hear the song plus others too pls its like jukebox xD but on your back

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1 month ago by Plavi_Zmaj for Global



SUPREME rank will be a cool thing to have to flex on people with it so ya can you add it plz ?

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1 month ago by Spooki2999 for Global


A chance to get different keys from vote crates

A small chance that you can get a legendary/koth/op key and maybe that you can get a bosskey from legendary/koth/op crates. It has to be a small chance tho otherwise the system could get inflated.

#6096 - Status: open

1 month ago by Xzident for Global


make [item] free for all

[item] is pretty much used for showing weapons/items we have, its pretty much useless to put it in a rank for 80eu. please make it free for every1

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2 months ago by whelpzz for Opsurvival


New Kit

In skywars i think it would be good to have fisherman kit for members
And a kit with some armor for members with coins so its more fair.

#5796 - Status: open

3 months ago by DxrkRekt_ for Skywars


Buying Cosmetics

I think that having the option to buy cosmetics, titles, kits, etc. For different types of gamemodes such as skywars, bedwars, faction, survival in Lobby or in those gamemodes for coins, real money, play time. For example if i have 200,000 hours of play time i achieve the title of Legend or Master and unlock special accessories. Real money £8 might give you special offers for example i pay 8 pou.. See more

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3 months ago by Ghosmatic for Global


Kill effects

It would be really cool to purchase different Kill effects,
Like if when you kill a player there's a blood effect, or maybe a thunder strikes. It would be REEEALLY cool

#4554 - Status: open

8 months ago by Booscuit for Global


Custom Title Perk

A lot of people want to have a title that represents them, but suggesting a title will probably take awhile due to staff being so busy. Creating a command in game that can be bought in the extra perks section that will allow players to customize their titles whenever in game by just doing /customtitle. Of course they will be censored if the title is inappropriate.

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9 months ago by Goofyhtf for Global



It would be amazing if /sit was available everywhere, and /lay to lay down would be cool too!

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1 year ago by sleepingwaves for Global



You should allow pets in ExtremeCraft. They're cute and people would love to use them.

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1 year ago by Tcmii for Pvp


suggestion to a New kit

kit name:
what it have:
OP servers: giving sword + axe + bow
sword: Fire aspect 13 ; Knockback 8 ; Sharpness 13 ; Unbreaking 15 ; Bane of arthropods 13; Smite 12.
axe: Bane of arthropods 13 ; Fire aspect 12 ; Sharpness 14 ; Fire aspect 12; Unbreaking 15; Smite 12.
Bow: Flame 9; Infinity; Mending ; Power 14; Punch 10; Unbreaking 11.

Normal servers:
Sword: Fire aspect 9.. See more

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1 year ago by BlackBear_TM for Global



hello! I have a suggestion for something you guys can sell in buycraft.
AFK block/animals we can place on a block and it will hold 9 chucks active. then we don't need to stay in the base 24/7 but we can buy a block/animal that can do it. I will pay 15£ for it. think about it

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1 year ago by craftpag for Global


New cosmestic? RPG!

Hey i got a cool suggestion :D..

Its can we (server) add new cosmetic. RPG it like firecharge or something like that and that shoot eplosions and make blocks floating for 1sec like.. so i hope u can add this staffs :D

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1 year ago by 1m_L4GGy for Global


5 legendary/OP/Spawner keys

Instead of 1 or 10 keys, you should sell 5 keys on for

eg: 1 key - 2.50 euros // 5 keys - 7.50 euros / 10 keys - 15.00 euros

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1 year ago by SeaguII for Global


Extra island members

Extra Island Members (+5) - 5.00 EUR

Extra Island Members (+10) - 10.00 EUR

Extra Island Members (+15) - 15.00 EUR

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1 year ago by SeaguII for Global



Why Not Costumes? Something they can use for games like Roleplay and such Christmas theme? halloween theme? And MORE!

#3006 - Status: shortlisted

1 year ago by MSPoseidon for Creative


New Trails?

Add a Trails and Wings whenever a player flys something they can buy on shop in craetive because its empty af

#3005 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by MSPoseidon for Creative


double chests

make them stick together instead of just lose chests.
hope you can fix it.

#3001 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by MattManV8 for Opskyblock


Cosmetics Suggestion:

I would like to suggest a cosmetic which is addding a default dragon wings cosmetic,basically its just for looks/it will be cool,and if you can make it like other players can see each others wings.
They can turn it on/off. And color it.And ranked players can change the color of the wings.I think this would be a great suggestion.

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1 year ago by TitanDrifter for Global



I think adding trails for certain donor ranks would be a good addition to the server, possibly certain ranks having access to certain trails?

This would give people incentive to donate to access higher (and better) trails.

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2 years ago by Doxxer for Global


an very good cosmic/emoji

From fortine, everybody knows “take the L”

#2735 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 years ago by LyZelollol for Global


a suggestion for /trails

what isuggest is

using both wings. shaped trails (or trails) together it would be awesome :heart_eyes:

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2 years ago by xNoobMaster69_ for Global


island levels

So, we have lot of colors getting to 1mil is lvls but after that it's all green no mather how far we go :D
Maybe add aqua color 5-10 mils, blue 10-20 and black or something 20+

#2631 - Status: accepted - See reply

2 years ago by HigH_BuildeR for Opskyblock


pets get trails!

yeah as u see , pets could get trails too . i don't know if is that even possible or no .
but that would be so nice if we could set a trail for our pet too aswell.
to avoid lags it was better to pets just could get basic trails so .
we also could turn our pets trails off or set them back on.

#2500 - Status: shortlisted

2 years ago by FreakP0k3r for Global