please reset or fix back STB

if u reset rpg i swear have alot people will back ec i have alot friend waiting rpg reset or fix back STB if u guys need more people play ec please just reset any gamemode or add more gamemode u guys remove voucher thats fine but we need u guys reset gamemode like rpg i hoped u guys reset or fix stb
We All Waiting U Guys Reset RPG Please Vote This Until 500+ if u guys can xD

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1 year ago by MaskCatz for Rpg


naming claims

i have tons of claims in rpg and when i do /claimlist it shows all the claims i have there are just numbers like where they are you should be able to name them so you know which is which its very annoying going to one and finding out its not the one you wanted to go to.

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2 years ago by KellCon for Rpg



you should add a plugin caled vein miner it is a good plugin u can add it i have tested this plugin it is awsome

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3 years ago by KazimPlayz for Rpg


Gangs or groups

I wont to play with my sister in team!

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4 years ago by Nikola_Noobb for Rpg



For You To BlackList Someone From Your Claim So That Their Home Doesn't Work Can't Get Back In.

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4 years ago by WolfyShadow02 for Rpg


Player made kits???

After thinking of selling a kit inside an backpack then getting asked it its "legit" I've been thinking along with the RPG and most likely more communities would really enjoy this command. Think of this as condensing different items into an single book that could be right clicked. This should most likely be applied to an reasonable rank because of the probable common usage of this, such as .. See more

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4 years ago by MoonGay for Rpg


Claim Command

Add /claim fly for Rpg it will be nice i saw some gamemods have that so i think its will be nice if rpg had /claim fly

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4 years ago by ImSoS3xy for Rpg