Smaller PvP Maps

I wish to make the pvp maps more smaller specifically 1v1s, Runners just run around the whole map because its too big, they end up winning and bow spamming. Please add this if possible its really annoying if your just chasing a player all around the map.

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1 year ago by nullscoped for Pvp


New Maps And Arenas For Pvp Server!

There should be new maps and arenas for the pvp players!
All the players are sick from the plain and ugly looking Maps right now
I also think that the free for all arena should be a little bigger and needs a very detailed and beautiful map
So I think the Map should be a little bigger and allow more than 10 players for free for all There shouldn't be a limit for the players joining free fo.. See more

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2 years ago by TheDerpyK for Pvp



A parkour in the PVP server will be really nice because while people wait for the match they could parkour to kill the time instead of role playing or exploring the map.

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4 years ago by MKmac for Pvp