Custom Enchants











Stacked Gen Buckets

Add stacked gen buckets for more convenience making bases. Buying them one inventory at a time is time consuming/ hassle. Please consider my suggestion for Factions and OpFactions.

#4269 - Status: open

1 month ago by xHibou for Opfactions


Depth Strider on Hero+ Kits

Depth Strider really needed for Hero+ Kits. Because I don't see any Drawback for adding that. We know Thorns enchantment causes double armor damage. But Depth Strider don't. So please add that.

#4346 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by Scentpai_Z1 for Global


add for nexus

Why we don't make a new command for the nexus
Thank you :D

#4350 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by NIGHT92SPEED for Global


Adding Smelt All in Multitool

Recently people hero or elite+ who been trying to open the chest to do /smelt or smelt all the ore's or anything else,
they've been getting tired cause it gives pain to doing it for several hours,
so adding smelt all on multi tool result a great feature for the multitool, and people can boost their process of smelting ore's or anything they wish more faster

#4357 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by JohnSeed26 for Global


Anti-Cheat Client

I think the whole Extremecraft community can agree that the anti-cheat system currently in place is very ineffective. It makes players with slow internet connections or who are located in a different part of the world, get kicked out for flying or for no fall. It needs a lot of improvement to prevent hackers to get access into the server with kill aura or with X-ray or speed hacks.

#4260 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 month ago by 1k27 for Global


comments on suggestions

Allow everyone to comment on a suggestion to know everyone's opinion on a specific suggestion.
It's basically like voting but with typing like the old forums where we sent +1 along with our opinion.
With that, whoever considers the suggestion can know most people's point of view of it and can decide whether it should be accepted or not.

#4436 - Status: open

1 week ago by SlimeDce for Website



Why people have to waste their time on playing skygrid, survival and opsurvival and there nothing to win. No vouchers. Atleast make let the first 5 on baltop win vouchers. This is not fair all servers has vouchers to win but in the survival servers there is nothing to win..
No need to focus on my idea about first 5 in baltop
Find any other way to let people win vouchers.

#4251 - Status: open

1 month ago by TheMemories for Global


make a command /give claim (name)

haii, you must make a command /give claim at survival, cause to riskan when i unclaim and do claim it -_ hope you readd this suggestion .

love you <3

so , when someone ask "how to give claim?"
just do /give claim(name)

good right ? <3 thnks

#4290 - Status: open

1 month ago by The_O2 for Survival


new title idea

new title :Thicc

#4443 - Status: open

1 week ago by SebastianRiel for Titles



Hello, I have a problem. /friend isn't for some ranks, but some members might need this! If you have a friend you should add him to your list and won't forget him. So I thought; Why don't you allow players have a /friend command without any rank? I really want to use it. I'll be happy if you add it in member+!

Thank you,

#4304 - Status: open

1 month ago by xKittyQueen_ for Global



hi, please remove 10% tax for multi tool we cant make money like that

#4344 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by LizardBehkam for Survival



Lottery its really sucks until now i dont know in any game mod someone who win this...fix or remove it

#4224 - Status: open

1 month ago by prozteach for Global



can you pls like consider a better anticheat and more active staff and like respond to the /helpop cuz its kinda useless in this server like there is a million player doing alts in opfac no1 is banning or checking them and when there is a hacker somewhere no1 come to check him as well when we use /helpop like pls consider it like no1 like this
at least check the alts like every new player in op.. See more

#4465 - Status: replied

1 week ago by PvpGirleMc for Global


Cutest Title

Hello, I would appreciate if ExtremeCraft staff would add the Cutest title. I think it would fit me specifically, but other people can have it too I guess.

#4362 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by APEnglish for Titles


Resource Pets experience

Its pretty frustrating to have to keep feeding your pet without knowing when it's going to level up. So it would quite useful to have some experience bar to know when the next level is coming. Thanks for noticing it at least

#4245 - Status: open

1 month ago by AbsoluteAdrien for Global



Breaking a chest hopper should have it automatically go into your inventory, like silk touching a spawner. I have lost more than a few chest hoppers to my cacti in my cactus farms, and I feel like something as valuable as a chest hopper, which can be worth up to 1.5million in survival, should have the safety of always going into your inventory once you break it.

#4353 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by iKxCi for Global


Custom Title Perk

A lot of people want to have a title that represents them, but suggesting a title will probably take awhile due to staff being so busy. Creating a command in game that can be bought in the extra perks section that will allow players to customize their titles whenever in game by just doing /customtitle. Of course they will be censored if the title is inappropriate.

#4323 - Status: open

4 weeks ago by Goofyhtf for Global


Censor Evasion

It would be really helpful if there is a list of swear words that are actually filtered

-It's annoying having to test out if a word is filtered in game as you'd have to enable and disable /tcf and probably change to a private chat to test if the certain word is filtered or not to prevent getting punished for censor evasion whenever I check if someone's evading censor
-I'm poi.. See more

#4263 - Status: open

1 month ago by unconstrained for Website


Pet Spider

I Think Pet Spider And The Cave Spider Should Not be Selled separately ? cause they are the same thing. changing its appearance instead of selling both spiders would be good.

#4408 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by Master_Brohi for Global


Make Insiding Bannable

Factions work hard to secure positions on ftop but there will always be that one person who ruins the game for them, therefore implementing this rule will hopefully reduce the number of insides. Plus makes the people want to quit reducing the number of players and if there are insiding what's the point of raiding imagine a base which takes 3 months to make gone in an instant cause of that on.. See more

#4450 - Status: open

1 week ago by LastKnight21 for Factions


Opsurvival needs reset asap

Opsurvival is dead because everyone is bored, loads of 'big' players stopped because everything is gained from this season, even if there is no changes, everyone will come back, i need a new project, i dont want to start now because i got 300mil and i have every item, same as most players, people with 100's of spawners and 100's of millions stopped, it needs a reset asap, ASAP!

#4477 - Status: open

1 week ago by W4INO for Global



With the survival reset, we have the possibility to stack mobs to get less lag. But if someone (I for example) need to create an afk grinder (zombie pigman) which lead them to fall for their death. A stacked pigman x5 gives 1-2 nugget. I highly suggest to let us use some blocks to make the spawners spawn unstacked mobs, maybe diamond/gold/iron blocks, but anything that could help us make more e.. See more

#4287 - Status: open

1 month ago by PapiRamo for Survival


Repeater Limit

Increase redstone repeater limit by a lot. 90% of the cannons used to raid bases on opfactions no longer work because of this. Can't even get through a single regen wall with this new change. Please consider my suggestion for Factions and OpFactions.

#4307 - Status: open

1 month ago by RealmDrifter for Opfactions


We should reset it

I have been changing servers on Extreme craft like shoes this past 2 weeks and did meet like 10 players that were hyped on starting playing on fresh opsurvival server...even i am hyped for it. Its been year from last reset guess it is time to refresh it and bring again players to it,
Let opsurvival breath again with freshness and happiness in this Christmas times =)
Thanks in advance =)

#4341 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by Susumimichio for Opsurvival


/f fly

Would be so much easier and better if staff could add /f fly in your own claims, of course if enemies are near it dosent work.

#4242 - Status: open

1 month ago by intermilan123 for Factions