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I don't understand it

Pls give a better understanding book to how to survive

#6655 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by zeyxon for Skygrid


Boss Spawn Items

There is currently no possible way to spawn a boss in skygrid, please add a spawn item into the website shop and into one of the crates. A few of us on skygrid would be interested in purchasing. We would appreciate more content like this in our game-mode.

~Don't forget about skygrid~

#6315 - Status: open

2 months ago by Ender_Camper for Skygrid


Arrow buildup in Chest-Hopper

When using a Chest-Hopper to collect drops from skeletons, the chest hopper backs up with arrows almost instantly. This is due to the fact that arrows are unsellable. This creates a problem where the condense feature becomes completely useless due to the lack of inventory space within the Chest-Hopper. My suggestion is to make unsellable items sellable through the Chest-Hopper, but for 0 coins. .. See more

#6295 - Status: open

2 months ago by Ender_Camper for Skygrid


Make Slimes Stackable

Since slime farms are popular now, making it stackable would seem fair.

#5790 - Status: open

4 months ago by Shalom6242 for Skygrid



Buy ranks with In-Game Money

#5536 - Status: rejected - See reply

5 months ago by UnstableDragon_ for Skygrid



In Skygrid you can make money in 2 ways: shops or grinders.
You can set up a pwarp only with high ranks and mine spawners (to make grinders or to sell them in shops) only with Vip+ ranks.
I do understand that ranked players pay to obtain those privileges, but in other servers members can set up money generators or stuff like that!
Skygrid is a server that without ranked players would .. See more

#5117 - Status: open

6 months ago by gigioiop for Skygrid


Claim Groups

Is it possible to add a feature that allows the claim owner to create some groups of players and manage groups' permissions?
This would improve players' way of playing as a team and make it easier to create large communities inside the server.


#5092 - Status: rejected - See reply

6 months ago by gigioiop for Skygrid



Is it possible to add more flags other than "allowpvp"?
This option is powerful when talking about players' cities and mini games.
It would open a whole new world of building and living the community life.
The best flag that I can think of is the one to allow players to break only one specific type of block (like /setclaimflag block-break minecraft:oak_log true).

Thanks for your time,
.. See more

#5091 - Status: open

6 months ago by gigioiop for Skygrid


Stacked mobs from 1000x max to 100x max and chesthopper expansion.

The stacked mobs are now 1000x that is to much, 100x was perfect. The disk farms are broken now and to make it to 100x nothing will break you only will fix things. You added a chesthopper without melons to autosell and disks... It has a lot of items you can't sell that hes to be added. Ty alot.

#5022 - Status: open

6 months ago by WillieWalvis for Skygrid


Void auction for skygrid

I know that there is a void auction in the sky block game modes and skygrid is a similar game but with even. Ore people being killed to the void so I suggest the void auction should be added to skygrid. It would help everyone as gear lost to the void can be reclaimed and as a lot of good gear is lost would be beneficial to the higher players who have died to the void

#4720 - Status: open

8 months ago by llamakin15 for Skygrid


Void Auction

We should have a void auction in Skygrid like there is at Skyblock. Works well there in my opinon.

#4491 - Status: shortlisted

9 months ago by SeannnG for Skygrid


change a quest

Quest to craft 300 gold axes, reward $20k(hardest), you literally make more money selling the gold required to craft the axes than the quest reward (selling to the shop).

#4228 - Status: open

10 months ago by Julitolay for Skygrid


Adjust prices at /shop

Hello !
It kinda bothers me to see prices of spawn eggs are so ..big considering you can find spawners and eggs in chests around map. Considering the prices are so high not a single player won`t buy them.
I just suggest to readjust spawn eggs values,

#4212 - Status: open

10 months ago by Susumimichio for Skygrid


chest hoppers auto sell vs. sell tool

so skygrid just reset and i bought hero for the sell tool and than i realised that you could just make a hopper chest with auto sell and it was WAY better and you didnt need a rank so i was just thinking that mabye chest hoppers auto sell should be a hero+ thing because it completly ruins the sell tool perpose

anyway this is my suggestion

VeteranX ty for the help on how to .. See more

#4206 - Status: open

10 months ago by dj2936 for Skygrid


Reset for Skygrid

As a long time player of skygrid i have seen many player join and leave and not come back, however the players that still do play such as me and even players who used to play but stopped that come back to see whats happened are wanting a reset for skygrid.

It would fix the problem that people who played before the spawner limit to chunks have a huge advantage over those who don't as they .. See more

#3938 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by llamakin15 for Skygrid


Nether rack and nether brick Tom skygrid shop

Being someone who enjoys building on skygrid I have tried building an “evil” castle which required a lot of nether rack and nether brick however I needed to mine all the materials from the grid within the nether itself so to help people in the future build “evil” builds or just builds requiring nether materials I suggest adding netherrack and nether brick to the /shop, a good price could be slig.. See more

#3933 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by llamakin15 for Skygrid


Mob Stacks

Mob stacks doesnt make skygrid better, it broke some farms of me, even my biggest farm my disc farm.
just do it normal.

#3793 - Status: open

1 year ago by WillieWalvis for Skygrid


Please add option to sell more items in /shop

I have lots of items like

Rotten flesh
Glass bottles

I wanna be able to sell, from spawners.

#3787 - Status: open

1 year ago by P00PYPuppy for Skygrid


Sell able Items in /Shop

Plz plz plz make arrows sell able in shop, even for like $1.

#3784 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by P00PYPuppy for Skygrid


hopper/piston/spawner limits

Can you make the hopper limits bigger and no piston and spawner unlimit,
it really make's skygrid pay to win.

Plz do something about it.

#3718 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by WillieWalvis for Skygrid


Sell Inventory

In the /shop we have the option to sell by 1, and sell by 32. I don't know if it would need a whole entire /shop revamp, but a "sell all in inventory" button would be very useful for using mob farms/grinders.

#3259 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by LiquidSolids for Skygrid



i know that there are parties in skygrid and such, but could you make it where we can at least name them? maybe have a full name for people who look it up, then a chat clan tag i guess, that would be cool, thanks for considering my idea

#2987 - Status: closed - See reply

2 years ago by Th3Build3r for Skygrid



Suggestion #1- Angel Blocks. you can place these in mid air. Would be useful for making grinders/bases since everything is floating

Suggestion #2- Add some sort of a "special command" that grants members/donors the ability to silk spawners for a certain amount of time ( 30mins-1h) (regenerates every 10h)

Suggestion #3- Make it so Iron Golem Spawners could spawn in wild

Suggestion #4-A.. See more

#2843 - Status: open

2 years ago by SesameBert for Skygrid


Skygrid suggesion (Relevant)

Must have improvement for skygrid!

Firstly for people extreme-nexus etc with commands: /jump, /top this is way too easy i got 19 spawners in like 10mins i'd say it's not challenging at all P.S there's too many spawners just turn render distance to 18 and use optifine to look at them than do /jump :/ and before i even fall i insta tp to my /home not challenging at all please put de.. See more

#2814 - Status: shortlisted

2 years ago by Dragon_Clause for Skygrid



Skygrid Server - lot of potential, awesome gameplay, underrated, what could save it.

Add Custom Enchants, why only have them in OP Servers? Add them in SkyGrid too, since skygrid is op too because of the spawners, people will love it and start playing here.

A special pickaxe with a limited number of uses that could be crafted or won from quests or different ways that grants Members and Don.. See more

#2809 - Status: open

2 years ago by DynamoFTW for Skygrid