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Yes so give admin ty

#6788 - Status: open

11 hours ago by X5Z8 for Global


We all hate it

Change the awful music in the hub. It's horrible and not inviting to new members. Thanks in advance.

#6786 - Status: open

20 hours ago by ppl2956 for Global


a chat for muted players

when you get muted you can /mutechat (playername) either ur a muted player or a non muted player, and if a player is muted and did /mutechat to someone whos not muted, the player gets a message like : (Player) wants to msg you, do you accept? [ACCEPT] [DENY], and add in the /chat menu so that you can choose which player to /mutechat with and who to not and remove and add players, i got muted alo.. See more

#6785 - Status: open

1 day ago by R3FLEX for Global


Enabling firetick in claims

I think it would be useful if there was a command that could allow us to enable firetick in our claims. I'd say something like /claimexplosions but when you turn it on, fire can spread in your claims. This could be useful if you need to clear out an area of trees or something like that. Or maybe it could just be for fun if you want to burn things lol.

#6783 - Status: open

1 day ago by leumas050206 for Global


Favorite Player-Warps

I suggest to add favorites on player warps so that we cant forget who is the p-warp owner and we can visit our favorite p-warps,if the p-warp is remove/deleted it also get deleted on our favorites and if it got added again back then the p-warp will back again in our favorites,please add this feature so we cant forget what p-warp we are going.

#6782 - Status: open

2 days ago by xx_skeppy_xx for Global


Getting voteparty without being online

Make it so we can get voteparty without being online cuz its really tough where u wait for voteparty for hours then u miss it cuz u went to do smth irl or went to a diff gamemode

#6781 - Status: open

2 days ago by GANGMEMBERKANO for Global



I suggest Dieu to reveal his Girl Friend so that players in the ExtremeCraft server will be happy

#6775 - Status: open

3 days ago by xx_skeppy_xx for Global


Sumo gamemode

You should make a sumo gamemode with ranks and rewards!

#6774 - Status: closed - See reply

3 days ago by ExtremeCraft for Global


Quest Rewards

Remove quests which rewards money. It doesn't make sense to accept a quest which rewards 20k over one that rewards 4 keys. Quest keys even has around 34.5% chance to give out 15k or 17.25% for 25k (skyblock). Increasing the money reward would be useless since it would be broken if a server just restarted, but generally gets useless as time goes on. Therefore, I believe the best course of act.. See more

#6770 - Status: open

3 days ago by Calian_ for Global


Why make witch loot sellable.

Are you giving up on reducing floating item entities? Do you not envisage tps optimization nor convenience when you design the economy? How is witch loot not supposed to be sellable when while grinding 10k stacks of witches it is not uncommon to have 60-80 stacks of trash items floating around? It sounds like you take pride in making no one spawner too over powered for money making, in order fo.. See more

#6769 - Status: open

4 days ago by LB_RAPHAEL for Global


Why add [item] to donors

When donors get rekt in terms of privileges and commands, when donor rank is the gateway to start to Pay2Win, what's in the way of making it extra attractive?
How do I convince you to give [item] to donors? It seems you are serious about making your store items look attractive and give an idea of convenience to ranks rather than unfair advantage. Why would you add [item] to donor ranks? It .. See more

#6768 - Status: open

4 days ago by LB_RAPHAEL for Global


Why show void auction items when it ends

"When voidauction ends, how do I know what the winner received?". It seems some people are curious and anxious to have missed out on an opportunity for a high return or disappointed not to get the chance to see a big rip. What's the chance you could add a list of items received by the voidauction top bidder when the void auction ends? Why end it? I will like it.

#6767 - Status: open

4 days ago by LB_RAPHAEL for Global



Could you add "Clear" option to chesthopper? I got witch spawners on skyblock and I collect only redstone from them. There is like 100-200 stacks of stuff laying around nonstop It makes everything laggy...

#6761 - Status: open

5 days ago by Skiuba_ for Global



It would be an awesome idea in my opinion to make a parkour gamemode.This is because i love parkour and pvp the thing is i have pvp in this server but not parkour ive been waiting for this gamemode to bw out for 1 month and theres still no parkour gamemode.It would be an excellent choice to add a gamemode like this in the future!Thank you! Btw this is one of the best cracked servers in my opini.. See more

#6756 - Status: open

5 days ago by Brineisahero for Global


Add Some Tnt Games

we need more minigame to this server for example tnt run bow spleef like games that would be awsome

#6755 - Status: open

5 days ago by Sathusha for Global


Expanding Parameters of Punishing Scamming

Tonight we had a user on Skyblock listing Fake boss summoners. Listing with bolded print and everything, These look very real.

After reporting and speaking with a staff member, the conclusion was made that this is not punishable under the violation of scamming, as there are clear differences between the True summoners and the fake ones, Real having descriptions below and special coloration. .. See more

#6751 - Status: open

1 week ago by WoopdyWoppin for Global



IP ban hackers. What's your point of banning the hackers' accounts if they are just going to do it again? Every hackers NEVER change and they will just hack continuously and ruin the game.

#6746 - Status: open

1 week ago by AlingPuring for Global


PartyChat Title

Make PartyChat Owners be able to name their PartyChat so PartyChats can have their titles. While /party create you also need to name your PartyChat somehow, but to all existing PartyChats, just add a command /party name [partyname]. This is easy change to make, so do not be lazy NxDs and Dieu. Most players would appreciate this move and believe me, sooo many players wants to name their team/gang.. See more

#6742 - Status: open

1 week ago by firefox_2 for Global



Instead of an item menu for chesthoppers, allow the player to add items they want to have the chesthopper affect. Or just add more items like ores, farming stuff ect.

#6740 - Status: open

1 week ago by mandown31200 for Global



Pretty self explanatory. Ultra Hardcore. Players spawn at a randomly generated world at random locations and start with only some tools. After about 7-10 minutes, PVP is enabled and some chests with items appear here and there (Their cords will be shown in chat). Health Regeneration could be off for food but thats optional. Last person standing wins.

#6733 - Status: open

1 week ago by Gentlebud for Global


Add murder mystery

Add murder mystery

#6731 - Status: open

1 week ago by HipHarryPlays for Global


When Someone Report a Rule breaker, they get vouchers

When some1 report a rule breaker the get Store Vouchers, Like when some1 report 50 rule breakers, he get 5 Euros store vouchers to spend of anything. when some1 helpop a rule breaker and a staff punish that rule breaker, he will get 1 point, it means he reported a rule breaker, when they get 50 point, they recieve a 5 euros voucher to spend on anything in the store, but it expires in 1 week, Thi.. See more

#6728 - Status: open

1 week ago by INETFLIX for Global


Dont reset normal survival

Please dont reset survival as many players great builds will be reset :(

#6725 - Status: open

1 week ago by heroblox12345678 for Global


Anti cheat

Can you guys please improve the servers anti cheat?

#6722 - Status: open

1 week ago by NIKOSEN for Global



remove bow from diamond 1v1 and iron 1v1s as all people do is spam arrows
We already have a mode for that BOW1V1
Pls remove bows from dia and iron1v1

#6721 - Status: open

1 week ago by HypeLord for Global