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Str potion is so overpwoered and bug

Hello Dieu
Strength potion is so bug and Must be removed from the kits. in survivalgames with using Strength potion You can kill all players
by 1/2 hits
One of the reasons for the decline in players in survivalgames is the op kits like strength potion,Before adding strength potion to the kits there was more players, when there is no way win to that who is using strength potion they will lef.. See more

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6 months ago by Nx_xne for Survivalgames


This is so bug

Hello Extreme craft manager.
i can't login on website with my main accout ( Ultraxmh )
so i report with this account i dont join server with this account i just will use for reporting !

There is some overpowered kits and really need to removed. in survivalgames with using Strength potion You can kill all players
by 1/2 hits, Before you add strength potion to the kits there was more p.. See more

#4008 - Status: open

6 months ago by xTheBestDeath_ for Survivalgames


The rank kits

we need to nerf the rank kits in survival games, there are currently people making all the servers impossible because of the superman kit/warrior kit and we have to fix it

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7 months ago by Technoweak for Survivalgames



i just relased that survivalgames is only wins like u got more win u gotta win the season thats it but i would like to be depends on all like kdr and matchs death etc.. its funny playing but i want like to win i dont mean only myself i mean everyoone alot of people is killing people but cant win if u can just make that it would be greatly appreciated
Thank you.

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8 months ago by Biko_ for Survivalgames


Nerf Survivalgames kits

Some of the Survivalgames kits are too overpowered. Please nerf some of them so all of us get a chance to play.

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10 months ago by Joshers for Survivalgames


This is very important.

Dear reader, imagine you are a normal member, not a rank at all and you just love survivalgames. Then you start playing it and someone with a very good rank uses strength and kills you with 1 single hit from a sword. That is not fair at all. There are many people on survivalgames that complain about this thing and these players that kills others with 1 single hit and I admit I feel sorry for the.. See more

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1 year ago by LaubenDce for Survivalgames


suggestions about SG

Remove VIP kits They are So Op and this is so Unfair
How We Can Win With Someone Have Full Iron Armor From The Start Or Sharpnes II on a sword

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1 year ago by HTLGAMERYT for Survivalgames


Survival Games suggestions

The concept of the Survival Games gamemode always seemed nice and fun to me. The problem is that I find the plugin EC has kinda bad.
My suggestions for the Survival Games gamemode:

- No kits , everyone should start from nothing at the start of the game
- Chests odds better organised , for example to be harder to find weapons and armor , a bit easier to find food
- Diamonds , iron and stic.. See more

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2 years ago by DynamoFTW for Survivalgames



Can you ask your builders to make a world border for death match if possible ?
some players escape and wont let others win.

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2 years ago by Hourdad for Survivalgames