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If you type /duel (player), you could duel somebody in bedwars to have more fun
The other player could type /duel accept to accept the duel.

#4865 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by Doctor_Noob12 for Bedwars


Fireworks Fall damage


Make it so that whenever someone uses a firework it resets the amount of fall damage you take because it’s annoying when you use multiple fireworks to get to a high point and die due to fall damage. Thanks for reading this suggestion!

#4851 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by Blactose for Bedwars


Remove pls

Remove Sakura map no one like

#4754 - Status: open

1 month ago by Kermwick69 for Bedwars



I suggest increasing the price of explosive snowballs to 30 iron.

#4741 - Status: open

1 month ago by Almira_ for Bedwars


Many balancing changes needed.

Bedwars on extremecraft is great but I think that some of the gadgets are too OP. Explosive snowballs are an item that everyone hates as it is very cheap and deals high damage and knock back. I suggest increasing the price to 24 iron as well as adding a limit to how many snowballs you can have at once as it is very frustrating when people just spam like twenty snowballs in death match. I also su.. See more

#4728 - Status: open

1 month ago by Kermwick69 for Bedwars


team selector

the new bedwars update has team selector and not everyone is loving it including so i decided to make a suggestion to remove it in order to make bedwars better again
tank you for reading this and i hope you consider removing it

#4719 - Status: open

1 month ago by Hashy_ for Bedwars



Bedwars on EC is amazing, and it is the bedwars server that i play in every single time i play minecraft... but what i find really annoying is that the scoreboard doesnt show u how many kills u got ingame. It would be really amazing to see how many kills ive got so far because i usually get alot of kills due to being a very good pvper, plus i like flexing them kills whenever i play with my teamm.. See more

#4638 - Status: open

1 month ago by SamTheDevil for Bedwars


Removing purchase cooldown

When u purchaee wool for bricks there a small cooldown. I think its a bit unnecessary and would be easier just to delete the cooldown.

#4622 - Status: open

2 months ago by _Cicada for Bedwars


Matchmaking, User Interface, Balancing

Matchmaking / UI:
1. Many maps require 20+ people to be in game before the match will start. This leads to many half filled lobbies in which the games never start. People are constantly quitting out of Bedwars because the games never start.
2. The User Interface (UI) is clunky, dividing the team tab into things like 'sextuplets' is just confusing. It needs to be stream lined. Most pla.. See more

#4571 - Status: open

2 months ago by 0ccultus for Bedwars


Particle Projectiles

Add Particles Projectiles Effect That Can Be Purcased With Shards On BedWars?

#4531 - Status: open

2 months ago by xVioCHL_ for Bedwars



Hi, I have an idea, you should put /trade in bedwars to trade bed effects, sprays, bedshards and kill effects. My friend wanted to trade a bedshard before and he couldn't... so I think whoever wants to trade something useless or something it should be useful! If you're reading this I hope you accept.

Well love you,

#4478 - Status: open

2 months ago by xKittyUwU_ for Bedwars


Some Changes needed in bedwars

These are some things that need to be changed to make bedwars a balanced and fun game mode. (in my opinion at least)
-Remove force field upgrade
-Double the price of explosive snowballs to 30 irons and snowbuilder from 10 gold to 20 gold
-Lessen or remove the number of decorations such as grass and flowers from maps
-Don't make islands too far apart.
-Place generators very close to eac.. See more

#4417 - Status: open

3 months ago by Viyosa for Bedwars


A very big mistake

Dear team of EC i want to say my opinion about the last update in bw .... look bedwars old bedwars was really cool with last update tnts doesnt works very good cant dissable tnt block explosion but ignoring how much rediculous is item forcefield.... with forcefield is too hard take in beds and with last update make harden than before i dont know what i dont know what do you think but bedwars pla.. See more

#4214 - Status: open

4 months ago by Sans_s for Bedwars



Remove sakura and ruins or let us choose what map we wanna play .

#4188 - Status: rejected - See reply

4 months ago by EnterSandman_ for Bedwars


Remove Forcefield pls

this upgrade is very rediculous it is very op .... ik extremecraft have a different system of bedwars and i like it but this item is very broken pls do something like voting for remove this item :(

#4119 - Status: rejected - See reply

5 months ago by Sans_s for Bedwars



snowballs are very annoying.
i suggest they get more expensive (30 iron for example) OR give them a cool down of 5 seconds or so.

also i suggest that you should be able to fireball jump with the snowballs, that could be helpful and have a second use for this otherwise unfair item.

#4096 - Status: open

5 months ago by hakomiaid for Bedwars



Please fix the sky to normal its making me so lag

#4087 - Status: open

5 months ago by imnoobnofriends for Bedwars


prizes for top 10 players

a prize like free ranks, euro vouchers, rank upgrades , custom titles and more for the top players would make playing bedwars more competitive and fun especially the fact that being on the leaderboards are now not fr just showing off and being popular but making actual prizes for the top players would encourage more people to play more and get on to the leaderboards.i hope you can consider my re.. See more

#4083 - Status: open

5 months ago by WhyYouLikeThat for Bedwars


Wooden Axe

Hey! so basically on bedwars you can get a wood pickaxe for 8 brick and shears for 8 bricks. you dont lose them when you die. there are 2 types of shears (one enchanted) and a bigger amount of pickaxes. (gold stone diamond etc). Now for the axe theres only 1 enchanted axe. I think it would be a good idea for a wood axe to cost 20 bricks (the price is fixable idk about 20) That you wont lose when.. See more

#4062 - Status: open

5 months ago by _Cicada for Bedwars



i think you should add a new sword with 30 emeralds and new custum items with overpowered items with 40 50 emeralds to it so we dont get it early in game so i think you should totally add it and another mode which is 4v4 red vs blue and i think it would be cool and ill give my friends your ip and i think they willl love it

#4060 - Status: open

5 months ago by Dionysus134 for Bedwars


Cosmetics Preview

Provide for an interface which would show a preview of any cosmetic so we have an idea of what the cosmetic/effect is.
If i wanted to preview the blood kill explosion effect, then i would click on a 'preview' option after receiving the cosmetic so i have a clear idea of what it'd look like ingame

#3914 - Status: open

7 months ago by Ganzaa for Bedwars


Party command

There is no party command to play with friends and not only, Its uncomfortable when you trying to get into your friends team and, It would be a good thing for bedwars to make game more enjoyable.

#3731 - Status: rejected - See reply

9 months ago by ImOnlyHumanBlyat for Bedwars


Bedwars level

Add bedwars Levels or stars in chat, It will show how good or experienced you are and that will motivate players and maybe will increase amount of players.

#3729 - Status: open

9 months ago by ImOnlyHumanBlyat for Bedwars


BedWars Ranks

Please bring back the stars we used to have in chat that used to show your rank. Those stars looked good and we want them back.

#3727 - Status: open

9 months ago by CandyDce for Bedwars


BedWars Points Boost

There should be a command that, when entered, shows you the time left for your points boost to expire. For example /pointsboost or /pb. When entered, it would show something like
“your last vote was ** hours ago. You have **:** minutes left until your points boost expires.”

#3726 - Status: open

9 months ago by CandyDce for Bedwars