Allow /withdraw higher amount

Im the #1 player in RPG with 349mil and I wanna withdraw it so I cant drop a high amount of money when I get killed, I can only withdraw 1mil at once and it takes endless to do that. . . .

Can you please allow us to /withdraw more than 1mil

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4 years ago by koning_aman for Rpg



Title like new [Heart]

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4 years ago by Kittyla for Rpg



Please reset RPG, it is by far my favorite gamemode, and would love to see it reset, even if it did not get a full reboot. I know you are probably busy with prison that just reset, but I would love to see you move on to improve and reset other game modes also. On a side note, the spawn area of the RPG used to be a little different, with like a large gazebo as the middle starting spawn area but g.. See more

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4 years ago by SuperDak for Rpg