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please add this (:

please add this, i love my nickname :D:D


#6574 - Status: open

1 week ago by MyNameIsMico for Titles


Private game in skywars

Give the ability for the player to do a private game against friends to avoid hackers and toxic players. (earning points in private mode can be disabled)

#6573 - Status: shortlisted

1 week ago by sammaxwell for Skywars


Better Envoys


Envoys at the start of the season are worth going for, but as the season progresses it is not worth going envoys anymore.
Envoys should get better as the season progresses, maybe increase the chance of keys or increase the chance of a special envoy spawn.

I think this would be a good and welcome change.


#6572 - Status: open

1 week ago by MrW1nter for Factions


New title


#6571 - Status: open

1 week ago by xLucif3r for Titles


Removing misgenned obsidian

When you misgen obsidian you have to mine it out for ages, and if you misgen an entire wall without noticing it, it could mess you up real bad and you'll have to mine out the obsidian which would take quite a bit of time even if you "trench" it with TNT, I think adding some sort of tool that would be able to instantly break obsidian (for example an enchanted obsidian that would just insta br.. See more

#6570 - Status: shortlisted

1 week ago by ilyBenny for Factions


Bedwars tournament mode

Only people with over 1000 points can join to play it, YouTubers' can make the game customized and add features like jump boost or speed 3 and more,
people can vote for the map, it can also be a tournament for 2v2's 3v3's and 4v4's players can vote for the team they want to be in, bricks spawn fast but iron and gold spawn late, bridge limit should be 45 blocks high and shears sh.. See more

#6569 - Status: open

1 week ago by fullobby for Global


Burger title

Because.. Why not? It is a really common thing.

#6568 - Status: open

1 week ago by AssasinL for Titles



Make opfactions prot4-7 sharp 5-7 like normal facs but add custom enchants like you already have but not the ones you have. Make them like normal enchants every server has the ones EC has are lame and there is not alot of them. Plus the grind to get sets is way too lame you should have to grind your sets not get opsets from opening crates. Just think it'd make more people want to play opfac .. See more

#6567 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by Gary31200 for Opfactions


Top 5 improve ments compulsory needed...Or Forget extremecraft

This suggestions I gave first ..Plz make top5 to top10 because this is the only reasons for dead servers please.

#6566 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by xReignitedSoul_ for Eggwars


Among Us Titles

Since Among Us is a popular game, and since people on Extremecraft plays it. Why not add titles associated with the game.

I think we should have the title [Impostor] in light red and [Crewmate] in Aqua.

#6565 - Status: open

1 week ago by Sypin for Titles


/pvdeposit (vault number)

will also deposit armor, make it mvp+

#6564 - Status: open

1 week ago by midvoice for Global


Reset Factions

Reset factions shits kinda dying out fr making this suggestion as a poll

#6563 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by Gary31200 for Factions


Custom enchants

Alright this is a very personal opinion but custom enchanter imo is a HUGE part of factions otherwise you eventually run out of things to grind for. And I'm not talking about opfactions custom enchants. I'm talking get some good enchants even if its skidding from cosmic. Custom enchants can be a HUGE part of factions and the way its played. I think it mixes up the economy so much and mak.. See more

#6561 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by Gary31200 for Factions


Disable newest mc versions on faction/opfactions

At this point it is allowed to play on factions/opfactions with 1.15/1.16 versions. With these newer versions you get the ability to swim super fast in water. With this swim mechanic its also possible to swim through an opening thats 1x1,5 blocks, which is not possible on 1.8.9. With the newer versions its also easier to swim away from a pvp fight. The newer versions gives the players an unfair .. See more

#6558 - Status: shortlisted

1 week ago by MrSn0w for Factions


Overclaiming from worldborder


I would like to suggest a feature which prevents people from overclaiming starting from worldborder. Simply because getting overclaimed is such a treat, if you dip 1 power below your max you can say farewell to your base. Maybe implement a way of having a border of warzone claims at worldborder. This would prevent you from claiming from worldborder.


#6557 - Status: shortlisted

1 week ago by MrW1nter for Factions


Generator buckets

It would be a nice implementation if new generators could be added that go from the bottom to the top. With the new generators it will be easier to build boxes/bases, you will also make less mistakes this way.


#6556 - Status: open

1 week ago by MrSn0w for Factions


What's the chance you want a new skyblock season?

To whom it may concern,

how am I supposed to convince you to reset skyblock? Obviously you can't because you're too nostalgic and don't want new players to play, you don't want to implement updated plugins nor rekindle the competitiveness of the server. You are giving up on skyblock because it is not a good enough gamemode and its players are mostly bots. Updating skyblocks wi.. See more

#6555 - Status: open

1 week ago by LB_RAPHAEL for Skyblock


Enable item dropping in fights

Cuz its fun :^

#6554 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by bootyslayer101 for Pvp


New titles

Hi can u add Fury title with cyan color?
And also can u add titles that belongs to server types like :
.. Etc
It would be a cool titles tho

#6553 - Status: open

1 week ago by L3gitt for Titles


Add ink sacks to the shop.

Considering that there is no access to squids in water, it would be absolutely lovely if we could buy ink sacks from /shop. This would allow us to make more intricate banner designs and such. Adding wither skulls could also be considered specifically for banner designs. (Though you'd probably have to turn off wither spawning).

This would be a nice, little, simple addition to the store. So.. See more

#6552 - Status: open

1 week ago by Wisnu for Prison


New Title (NotFound)

I suggest to add the "NotFound" title for guys who have the NotFound in thier name, example of my friend: JklocalNotFound, xD. well I think its good idea to add this title

#6551 - Status: open

1 week ago by MrVqnom for Titles


Zommer and Memer title


#6550 - Status: open

1 week ago by Player_X_YT for Titles


Custom PVP Items

It would be nice if there was a game mode in which you can choose your own items to play with your friends. :D

#6549 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by ShadowWqve_YT for Pvp


New CE DoubleXP or DoubleMoney

Dear Extremecraft team,
Dont you all hope to get a CE wich can Double ur Cash
Or your XP?
If Yes Upvote this suggestion So Hopefully it gets Added.
Here to the CE'S:

The CE's Are really Rare
Only 1 Stage on both
Has a low Chance to trigger
And u can put both of them on One Sword,
Upvote if u want it

With Love

#6548 - Status: open

1 week ago by Kyezxid for Global



You should add a create your own pvp like in a friends match pick the things both players get

#6547 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by Madjack8_YT for Global