EC Coins.

I suggest adding a feature called EC coins these coins can be used in different servers (can be allowed to become money/keys..)they can be a great way to trade between players.These coins can be acquired by playing minigames or voting something like that.If it would be possible if the player had allot of those coins they can get a perk/pet/rank/title it doesn't have to be used for those but .. See more

#8389 - Status: open

4 days ago by kamm__ for Global


Adding a channel

I suggest adding a channel named : Staff-Feedback
This will give the members a chance to leave a feedback on a staff member after helping em out or anything like that.

For Example:

Staff Name: Dieu
Rank: Owner
Feedback: Was very helpful , Good staff member , Suggesting to promote +rep

#8388 - Status: open

4 days ago by MilkIsHere for Discord


Mlg clutches

I thought that it would be so cool if there was mlg's like how Dream (the manhunt legend) did.
And i request if you guys add it please make it for 1.16+ too because the boat mlg will be more easier than in 1.8.9.
Cause the boat break in air on 1.8.9,eitherway please add this minigame please.
it should contain watermlg,cobwebmlg,boatmlg,laddermlg,veinmlg,etc.
hope you guys stay safe and a.. See more

#8387 - Status: open

4 days ago by PoopTheNoob for Global


Features For PvP

Hello there!
So why not adding some new features in pvp like hits counter, cps and ping in the screen (without using the command), inventory showing after each duel
hits accuracy and more!
Thanks For Reading!

#8385 - Status: open

4 days ago by OneMafia_ for Global


Reputation system

I mean what I'm going to suggest right now may seem rather weird, I just wanted to see what people think of it :l

Well my suggestion is to implement the reputation system even before prestige, as in the normal ranks. This will help make sure that people are actually working for their ranks. Right now people are able to gain Z by means of boosting or loaning, this results in a lot of peopl.. See more

#8383 - Status: open

5 days ago by CandyDce for Prison



Just want you to add Palestine title cause in the world right now ppl supporting it

#8380 - Status: open

6 days ago by _Bad_E_Boy_ for Titles



i don't have to explain why, you already know the answer, you guys really have to unban whoever got banned in the past and start a new page and make the server active again, and you also have to fix ur anti-cheat and don't give random people staff cause they asked for it. thank you ~~ a guy who got banned for saying " i drag click "

#8379 - Status: closed - See reply

6 days ago by kubye for Global


Make more kits

I think you guys should give kits according to their OG badge level e.g. People registered 5 years get a certain kit and so on. I think the kits can be only used every 7 days because its free and gives good stuff.Basically this is to give those who doesn't spend money on the game some stuff to start with and giving those who played for very long better stuff. Hope you can accept this :D

#8377 - Status: open

6 days ago by NeRoLeo for Global


"Monk" Title

Please Add "Monk" Title In The Game If Its Added I Will Buy it


#8376 - Status: open

6 days ago by xX_TrollBot_Xx for Titles


Saving ExtremeCraft

The server is dying, and if that isn't t obvious idk what is.
I suggest to reset every server at the same time so people have equal start.
Also a UnBanAll which wloud really boost the player base. also make the server not Pay to win because mojang might shut down the server which will be devastating to the community, also please do not make the server 1.17 make only creative 1.17 and keep .. See more

#8375 - Status: rejected - See reply

6 days ago by xCritick for Global


Op Prison

As i noticed that there is op survival, op skyblock and op faction game modes why not adding a new game mode called op prison in that new game mode
there would be CE that fit for the game mode...(also i know that adding new game mode isn't that easy so i accept if you ignore this or reject it.)

#8374 - Status: open

1 week ago by nightomega for Global


Why an Unban All can also be bad for Extremecraft.

Many people know that ExtremeCraft's Playerbase is going down, and many have been suggesting a second unban all.
However, even though many people think that it would help the server, it can also have some backlashes.
First, The day after Unban all, it would be a genocide of players getting banned. There would still be a lot of people who hack and it would outnumber the staff. It wo.. See more

#8373 - Status: open

1 week ago by HoneyDce for Global


no unban

since you removed the unban from the store it would be a good idea to remove the no unban as well.

#8372 - Status: closed - See reply

1 week ago by N1K0S for Global



Reset Skygrid Because No One Playing There Right Now, And Lots Of Players Quitting From Extremecraft Because All Servers Are Already Dead, If You Guys Reset Skygrid, Your Server Can Have More Active Members then now! :)

#8371 - Status: closed - See reply

1 week ago by Lion_Blood for Skygrid


Crafting Table

you should add crafting tables on spawns in survival opfactions factions etc..

#8370 - Status: open

1 week ago by CCee for Global


Suggestion for Alternate Accounts ! (please read full )

I know that alting has always been a bad thing which lead to ban of the player, but here I just want to discuss about it and just spread some light on it along with some suggestions !

First of all I think the main problem with alting is that people get double voting rewards/benefits from it.....but if we think about it, They person is actually voting for the server which is counted in the web.. See more

#8369 - Status: open

1 week ago by x0x_Devil_x0x for Global


TpKillerHunter tittle

I need that

#8367 - Status: open

1 week ago by CaldoDeCarnero for Titles


Fly Mode in /go pvp

I feel that the /go pvp map should be appreciated more if we were able to fly in it and see the giant snake and the tall ass building. Please let us fly while we are waiting in que or just looking around the map.

#8335 - Status: open

1 week ago by OlzHappyFeet_ for Pvp



Lets make a poll! If ec make the server to 1.17 is it gonna go better or it gonna go worse

#8334 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by ImJian for Global


Reset never an option

so if u reset a some gamemodes don't reset is a bad dedication. so is will good if u ask us all will is good to reset? .example Faction reset and All 30% of Faction Player quit due his big work gone only with a dust and some of them goes to another gamemodes. reset is just make the server Die except of course and a Update! Thx for a Helper or staff to read my suggestion. ~ abeel

#8333 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by abeel for Global


Good suggestion

Please unban all server is gonna die soon...

#8331 - Status: open

1 week ago by TheGodPvper for Global


Very gud suggestion. yes

Ok so if u guys don't change ur ranks and store Mojang will prob close the server cuz its pay2win
I suggest changing ranks and perks ( dont just remove ranks from players who paid )
And server is dying everyday and i suggest being less strict like ban hacker for 30 days even the biggest server bans hackers for 30 days like at some'1s first offence u should temp ban them for like 30 da.. See more

#8330 - Status: open

1 week ago by OutrageousGurl__ for Global


Border ocean

My suggestion is that Oceans and lava pools outside of world border should be removed as it can disrupt regen walls which are connected to the border making it harder to build a border base.

#8329 - Status: open

1 week ago by Blactose for Factions


Trinom title

I suggest that a Trinom title should be added and be coloured in like light/neon green. It would be awesome to have since trinom faction players are really on all servers :). Thank you in advance.

#8327 - Status: open

1 week ago by NiNa1355 for Titles


new title

• The new title should be Neutral
this title can be used when someone feels neutral

* it should be set as a neutral color
like light grey or white

#8326 - Status: open

1 week ago by cattto for Titles